Summer Studies

KAMK offers studies that are available also during the summer time. You can either choose to complete independent courses, accomplish the practical training or to write your thesis during the summer months. Please note that you should always discuss with your tutoring teacher to agree on the studies first!

Besides studies offered at KAMK, you can also choose courses from the shared portal offered by 25 universities of applied sciences at


Independent Studies

During the summer, you can either work on web courses, essays and courses with book exam. The deadline for submitting the reports and assigments to the teacher is 31.8.2018. In case the course includes a book exam, that can be taken either in June or in August (on a general exam date).

It is possible to enrol for these independent courses in March while enrolling for free-choice studies. In case you missed the enrolment then, there is a second enrolment for summer courses only on 7 - 13 May 2018.  It is possible to enrol for the web courses throughout the year. The Moodle course key is the course code. 


Exam dates in the summer

There are two exam dates in the summer; 14.6.2018 (enrol by 29 May) and 23.8.2018 (enrol by 16 August). Register for these exam dates using the retake envelope. Please note the registration dates! 



Practical Training

If you are going to accomplish the study-related practical training during the summer time, please contact the practical training coordinator first to confirm that the place you found is appropriate. The contract must be accepted by the practical training coordinator before starting the practical training. Fill in the practical training follow-up form (access from intranet > Links > Practical Training site).


Thesis can be written during the summer months as well. Please discuss with your supervising teacher about your plans before the semester ends as guidance will not be available during the summer. Fill in the thesis follow-up form (access from intranet > Studying > Forms for Students > Thesis passport).

Courses offered