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Free-choice Studies

Each degree programme includes free-choice studies. The course can be chosen from either KAMK's own lists or from CampusOnline (by other universities of applied sciences). Please note that if you're completing courses that are not part of our selection, you should agree about the courses to be completed with the tutoring teacher in advance. 

Enrolment for Free-choice Studies 2020 - 2021

The enrolment is open in PAKKI between 16 March at 03:00 am - 31 March at 03:00 am for KAMK free-choice courses. 

You can choose your courses from

The list of free-choice courses at KAMK includes the summer studies as well. Please find the list below. 

Independent web courses are mostly available throughout the year. For example language courses require a minimum number of participants to be arranged. 

PLEASE NOTE! Enroll only for courses you know you can participate (eg. you are not on Exchange or practical training)!

How to enroll in PAKKI

Start by checking the lists of courses offered. Find the course descriptions in the online Study Guide (Elective Course offering) and check the upcoming implementations by clicking the course name.

Copy the full course code (the code + four numbers, e.g. MTW009-3002) of the courses you wish to enrol for, for yourself (check the right timing when the course is offered!) and use it when doing enrollment in PAKKI.

To enroll in Pakki, open Study Plan (HOPS) >  Enrollments > Search for courses > Add the full course code > Enroll

Summer Studies

In addition to the independent courses, you can also accomplish the practical training or to write your thesis during the summer months. Please note that you should always discuss with your tutoring teacher to agree on the studies first!

If you are going to accomplish the study-related practical training during the summer time, please contact the practical training coordinator first to confirm that the place you found is appropriate. The contract must be accepted by the practical training coordinator before starting the practical training. Fill in the practical training follow-up form (access from intranet > Links > Practical Training site). 

For thesis, please discuss with your supervising teacher about your plans before the semester ends as guidance will not be available during the summer. Fill in the thesis follow-up form (access from intranet > Studying > Forms for Students > Thesis passport). 
Free-choice Studies
Free-choice Studies in Finnish
Finnish speaking students can also choose courses that are offered in Finnish.