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Free-choice Studies

Each degree programme includes free-choice studies. They can be chosen from the selection of KAMK's free-choice studies or from Open Studies / Open University. Please note that if you're completing courses that are not part of our selection, you should agree about the courses to be completed with the tutoring teacher in advance.

Enrolment for Free-choice Studies 2018 - 2019

The list of free-choice courses that are available at Kajaani UAS during the academic year 2018 - 2019 can be found from below. There are for example web courses and language courses available on the selection of free-choice studies**.The course descriptions are available in the online Study Guide.

The first enrolment phase is open between 26.2. – 11.3.2018 when all the available free-choice courses will be on offer. Enrolment is done via
ASIO > Enrolment for Courses > Enrol for Common Optional Courses.

After the first phase, there will be a second enroment phase at the end of March 19. - 25.3. when only the courses requiring further enrolments to make up numbers or where there is still room are available. It is possible to complete some of the courses in the summer as well.

PLEASE NOTE! Enrol only for courses you know you can participate (eg. you are not on exchange or on practical training)! 

** some of these courses can be completed during summer as well.  


Summer Studies 2018

The shared portal of summer studies offered by 21 universities of applied sciences opens on 1 March 20187 at http://summersemester.fi. Enrolments open on 15.3.2018. There will be a range of courses from different fields available for all students. The courses are mostly online courses.  As a student of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, you can select and register for university of applied sciences courses of your choice, free of charge, and have these courses accredited to your university of applied sciences studies. If you intend to include courses offered via the portal in your compulsory studies, it is recommended that you discuss the matter in advance with your teacher tutor. 

Summer Studies @KAMK


Free-choice Studies in Finnish
Finnish speaking students can also choose courses that are offered in Finnish.