Arctic Mines

Summer School in Finland (29 July – 23 August, 2019)

Let’s enjoy and learn!
Three vivid northern towns (Kajaani, Kemi and Rovaniemi), beautiful nature, and modern mines wait for you in Finland in summer 2019. Did you know that Finland is one of the fastest growing mining regions in the world? Read more about Finnish mining industry.

Programme in Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) and Lapland University of Applied Sciences:
- orientation work before the intensive period in Finland (3 ECTS)
- four week camp in Finland including expert lectures, workshops, laboratory work, field trips and social   programme (10 ECTS) 
- final report and feedback (2 ECTS)

Our topic in summer 2019: Intelligent Mine Technology

Virtuality and reality in mining operations 
Overview on mining industry in Finland
Modern mining automation
Virtualization of mining education
Fieldtrip in Terrafame Ni-Zn-Cu-open pit mine (
Participation in KAMK’s joint r&d -projects with industry 

Work Safety and Environmental Safety in Mining
Mine safety protocols in Finnish mining industry
Finnish geological properties and the most important minerals in Finland 
Environmental effects in metal ore mining
Fieldtrip in Gold Prospecting site in Lemmenjoki River
Participation in Lapland University of Applied Sciences joint r&d -projects with industry
Closing seminar with certificate award ceremony

Practical information

How to Apply
The application period is now open, please complete the online registration form no later than 29 March, 2019. The applicants should have completed some basic studies in the field of mining before joining the summer school. 

Venues, accommodation, costs
There will be student accommodation provided during the intensive period in the cities of Kajaani, Kemi and Rovaniemi in Finland. The admin fee for summer school is 1650 € including a study fee, service package and taxes. The service package includes accommodation for four weeks, student lunches at KAMK and Lapland University of Applied Sciences campuses (transportation provided between campuses) during the school days and a social programme. 
More information related to the summer school will be provided by the end of January.

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More information
Risto Oikari, PhD (Tech), eMBA, Principal Lecturer
Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

Rauno Toppila, MSc. (Tech), Project Manager
Lapland University of Applied Sciences