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Study Guidance and Study Counselling  

The objective of study guidance and counselling is to support and encourage students to accomplish target-oriented study skills and to become professional experts in their own field. 

Group Teacher Tutors

  • act as close supervisors to students
  • help students to become study-oriented and to get to know the university of applied sciences
  • help students to plan their studies
  • monitor students’ progress

The School Study Counsellor

Students can turn to their own School Study Counsellor for help in all situations concerning their studies e.g. where it is necessary to make a decision, problem situations, if students are having difficulties with their studies and personal issues.

International Business, Esports Business: Ms Raija Jormakka  (email: raija.jormakka(at)kamk.fi)
Sports and Leisure Management: Ms Kaisa Loikkanen (email: kaisa.loikkanen(at)kamk.fi)
Tourism: Ms Teija Vainikka (email: teija.vainikka(at)kamk.fi)

Other Forms of Supervision and Counselling Staff in Different Schools

  • Degree Coordinator: approval of credit transfer, curricula development
  • Practical Training Co-ordinator: organisation of practical training, advice
  • International Co-ordinator: information on student exchanges
  • Thesis Co-ordinator 

In addition, the Study Office and International Office staff can help in different practical matters related to studies. For help and support in problematic situations in life, you can contact the Welfare Officer or the Study Psychologist.