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Talent for Kainuu 


The main aim of the project "Talent for Kainuu" is to support the international students in finding career opportunities in Kainuu region so that they can in the area after graduation. 

During the project, emphasis will be put on providing personal career guidance and producing guidance material related to finding a job in Finland and Kainuu. In addition, local employers will be brought together with the international students so that the students will be able to create a professional network in the region already during their studies.  

The companies can benefit by the international know-how the students bring along. In cooperation with local stakeholders such as ELY Keskus and TE-Toimisto the final result is an operational model for a sustainably successful employment between students and Kainuu based companies and public actors.

The project runs from 1 August 2019 until 31 December 2021. The project is funded by the European Social Fund (ESR).

Information about ongoing activities involved in the project will be posted on this site. 
** Spring 2020: Start your Career in Kainuu - course to support job hunting
** Spring 2020: Website and guidebook to support searching for jobs  
** Autumn 2020: Alumni session: Working in Finland
** Autumn 2020: Recruitment Challenge Workshops 
** Autumn 2020: Sessions for graduating students:
* Information about TE-Services 25.11.
* Working in Finland (Rules and regulations) 3.12.

** Spring 2021: 
* Working in Finland (Rules and regulations) and trade unions 16.3.


Link to connect to employers

Are you looking for full-time/ part-time employment, a summer job or a practical training place?

Here is a link, in which foreign students can fill in their professional information: 

https://bit.ly/2Ol6GJj (please note that you fill in the correct tab "Spring 2021")

This table is shared in cooperation with the ELY Keskus with employers in Kainuu. When companies have positions available, they can use this sheet to contact suitable students. Also it is used as a tool by the ELY Keskus during their meetings with about 800 different companies per year. (The ELY Keskus is the Finnish Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.)

So please fill in the list with your information to increase your chances of employment in Kainuu.



Project Manager Kirsi Sievers  Project Specialist Irna Imamovic-Tokalic
Tel. +358 44 7101 616 irna.imamovic-tokalic(at)kamk.fi 



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