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Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services is a link between students and working life. We supply students with information and feedback from the world of work. We also offer opportunities for discussions between students and employers, guide students in their career planning and promote their opportunities to find employment.    

The job ads sent to KAMK are all forwarded in intranet (requires log in).  
Recruitment Services participates in the arrangements of various events. We also gather information and monitor how successful Kajaani University of Applied Sciences' graduates have been in finding employment. We appreciate having our graduates also visiting us after graduation and sharing their experiences with new students - if you are interested in participating the alumni network and these activities, please contact us!

"Talent for Kainuu" project is being carried out in 2019 - 2021 to facilitate the recruitment process of KAMK international students in the Kainuu region. KAMK also offers a course "Start your Career in Kainuu" to provide the students with knowledge and tools to enter the job market in Kainuu.  

Link to connect to employers

Are you looking for full-time/ part-time employment, a summer job or a practical training place?

Here is a link, in which foreign students can fill in their professional information:


This table is shared in cooperation with the ELY Keskus with employers in Kainuu. When companies have positions available, they can use this sheet to contact suitable students. Also it is used as a tool by the ELY Keskus during their meetings with about 800 different companies per year. (The ELY Keskus is the Finnish Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.)

So please fill in the list with your information to increase your chances of employment in Kainuu.

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