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Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services is a link between students and working life. We supply students with information and feedback from the world of work. We also offer opportunities for discussions between students and employers, guide students in their career planning and promote their opportunities to find employment.

Recruitment Services will provide you with training, materials and guidance in your search for a job as well as in career and life planning. You will get information about practical training opportunities both in Finland and abroad, including practical advice. Recruitment Services supplies information about vacancies and practical training places through Jobstep and email.

Recruitment Services participates in the arrangements of various events. We also gather information and monitor how successful Kajaani University of Applied Sciences' graduates have been in finding employment. We appreciate having our graduates also visiting us after graduation and sharing their experiences with new students - if you are interested in participating the alumni network and these activities, please contact us!

Contact Information
Contact Person:

Ms. Jaana Tolonen
Address: Ketunpolku 1 (2nd floor)
Tel. +358 (0)44 7157 077
Email: jaana.tolonen(at)aikopa.fi