Study Psychologist Service

As a psychologist specialised in study-related psychological issues, it is my task to support and promote your capability to study and to ensure the smooth progression of study processes.

When do I need to visit the study psychologist?
Many study and welfare related issues can be solved by using the counselling and guidance services offered by the university of applied sciences (student welfare officer, teacher tutors and study counsellors) or via the student healthcare system. If you are feeling stressed, unable to cope, or have study motivation or life management issues, contact the student welfare officer in the first instance. Together with you, the student, the student welfare officer will assess whether there is a need for further referral to the study psychologist. You may use the services of the study psychologist when you need advice concerning study capability related issues (e.g. learning difficulties, tension, sleeplessness, mood swings and anxiety).

Normally you will be offered 1-3 counselling sessions (length of appointment 45 minutes) to discuss your issues. These discussions are confidential based on the duty of non-disclosure of healthcare professionals. During the first session, we examine your situation together, then we will book further sessions if necessary and discuss the targets of the counselling sessions.

If you need longer-term support (e.g. long-term or serious mood swings, strong symptoms involving fear and anxiety, eating disorders) you should contact the Adult Psychiatric Outpatients Unit at Kainuu District Hospital (KAKS), telephone 08 6156 2711 and in situations of acute crisis, contact the hospital’s (KAKS) round-the-clock telephone advice service tel. 08 6156 6000 or the Kainuu Crisis Centre (kriisikeskus), tel. 044 782 6030 (available on week days between 9.00-15.00).

You can make an appointment by calling:
Heli Turunen
Tel. 044 715 7093

My office is located on the ground floor of Tieto 1. If you need to cancel, please do so by the day before the appointment. Non-cancellation will be counted as an appointment. Appointments are free for students.

During 2.1.-31.3.2020 Study Psychologist Services are available three days per week (mainly Wed- Fri).