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Student Welfare Officer´s Services

Starting 16.3.2020 meetings with Student Welfare Officer will be arranged for example by phone / Skype due to Covid-19 epidemic.

You can make an appointment by phone +358 (0) 447101250 or by email pasi.puskala@kamk.fi

The student welfare officer office is located in the Tieto 1 building (first floor). 

As the Student Welfare Officer I am specialised in study-related supporting and promoting students' capability to study and to ensure the smooth progression of study processes.

Discussions are confidential (based on the duty to maintain privacy and confidentiality set out in the Personal Data Confidentiality Act)

Students can contact the Student Welfare Officer directly themselves by email or phone. Come and have a chat if you want to discuss with somebody or if something is bothering you. 

The Social Welfare Officer supports, helps and gives advice for example if

• you are having problems with your studies,
• you are having motivation problems in studying,
• you are feeling stressed, tired or depressed,
• you are having problems in your life situation or in your life management issues,
• you are unable to cope and you are planning to give up your studies or
• you are trying to find and to start a hobby in Kajaani.

The number of discussion meetings is based on individual needs. If you wish, I will help you to find other services what you need (for example other services at KAMK, the City of Kajaani, other services in healthcare, services in youth work or the third sector services).

Student Welfre Officer´s GDPR

Student Welfare Officer contact details:
Mr Pasi Puskala 
Tel. +358 (0)44 7101250
email: firstname.lastname@kamk.fi