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Student Restaurant

There is a student restaurant FoX and three cafés on campus. A warm lunch in the student restaurant costs  approx. 3.10 euros (incl. salad, bread, water/juice/milk and a warm meal). Student discount can be proven with student ID found from TUUDO mobile application. If the mobile application doesn't work (ie. exchange students), separate student discount card can be received from the study office. 

Student restaurant FoX serves customers from Monday to Friday 10:45-12:45. The restaurant´s foXi boXi product sales is open between 10:30-14:45. 

In the future there will be new self-service checkout along with normal checkouts maintained by the sellers. Students, who has student identification in Pivo app, can use the self-service checkout. To get student identification to Pivo app, you have to be member of student union KAMO. In the self-service checkout student can identify themselves and pay their meal. When using Tuudo´s or Kela´s other eligible meal subsidy cards for identification and payment, it happens on the normal checkouts with a seller.

If you have a food allergy please let the canteen supervisor know as soon as possible. Vegetarian options are always available. Those following a vegan diet should also contact the canteen supervisor.


Besides the restaurant, there are three cafés in the campus area: "Netticafé" in TAITO 1 (Kuntokatu 5), "Care Café" in TAITO 2 (Ketunpolku 4) and "Kaffe tauko" in TIETO 1 (Ketunpolku 1). Care Café is closed 24.6. - 1.8.2021. Kaffé Tauko stays closed for the summer and opens again 23.8.2021.