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Living in Kajaani

All students studying in Kajaani can apply to Kiinteistö Oy Kajaanin Pietari for student accommodation. They offer shared accommodation and also family apartments. Some of the accommodation is located on campus and other housing is located 1 – 3 km from the UAS. Internet connection is available for all student apartments for a separate price.

For foreign students, the easiest option is to choose furnished cell residences, which are available on campus. The renovation was finished in autumn 2010 and new apartments on campus offer accommodation for 5 students in one apartment, with own rooms and a fridgerator in each room.  There are beds and desks in each room, but students will have to bring their own mattresses, bed sheet and towels and kitchen ware themselves. The rent for example in furnished apartments on campus area (Ketunpolku) is about 290 euros / student / month including water and electricity. 

There are also student apartments without furniture available. In this case, students will have to buy for example bed, table & chairs themselves. There normally are cupboards/closets, oven and fridge available in each apartment.

Students should apply for accommodation by making an online application at www.kajaaninpietari.fi. Students are expected to apply for accommodation themselves.


More Information

For more information on student accommodation:

Kiinteistö Oy Kajaanin Pietari, address: Linnankatu 18, tel. + 358 8 6155 2060 www.kajaaninpietari.fi (applications can be completed and submitted via the Internet)

Rental Apartments in Kajaani

 VVO Group plc is FInland's largest market-based, private-sector landlord. Take a look at the apartments and leave your application in Rental apartments available by VVO