The all-purpose emergency number is 112.

Call the emergency number if someone’s life, health, property or the environment is at risk or if you suspect this to be the case. 

Emergency Clinic

The emergency clinic at the Central Hospital (in Finnish: Keskussairaala, Sotkamontie 13) provides treatment for people who need it because of an acute illness or injury: 

• who must receive treatment within 24 hours of falling ill
• who might suffer permanent harm if treatment is delayed
• whose life is in danger. 

At night (10 pm–7 am), only contact the clinic in cases of such urgent health problems that cannot wait until morning.

How to proceed if you need urgent treatment


Nurse on call around the clock: tel. 116 117

Call the nurse on on-call duty in the following situations:
• before going to the emergency clinic
• if you don’t know where you should seek treatment
• if you need advice on the treatment of an illness or the handling of an accident.

The aim of the duty nurse's telephone and health advice service is to ensure that clients can contact a healthcare professional who will initially assess their need for care as quickly as possible and can direct them to the right place at the right time to receive the care they may require.