Prices and Conditions


EU/EEA Citizens

 A patient must have a European healthcare card or travel insurance. Nordic citizens need only a passport, a healthcare-insurance card or an identity card. Fees are the same for Finns and members of other EU/EEA citizens, but without the above mentioned documents patients will be charged the real costs of the care they have received. 

Non EU / EEA Citizens

Fees charged will amount to the real costs, but a person who has the right to a place of domicile is entitled to normal healthcare centre services.

Students with a permanent residence permit in Finland may be considered on a case to case basis. Please contact the public health nurse for more information.

Healthcare fees (public sector) 

Private Sector Health Care Services

Private sector services, which mainly provide out patient care, complement public services. Patients who use private sector services pay the entire cost of the service to the provider, after which they can apply for a refund from the the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) under the Health Insurance Act, or from their own insurance.

The private sector may be a good choice since the prices are almost the same or even cheaper and it may be easier to make an appointment in the private sector. For non-EU-citizens without the municipality of residence in Finland, this may sometimes be the cheapest option.