Student Health Care Services


Student Health Care Services from 1st of January 2021

Starting in 2021, students who study for a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in a University of Applied Sciences will be entitled to use services of the Finnish Health Service (FHS), called in Finnish Ylioppilaiden terveydenhoitosäätio YTHS. 

 All degree students in higher education will be entitled to use FSHS services, as long as they have registered as an attending student and paid the healthcare fee to KELA.

Read more about the services of FSHS.

The health care services are free of charge, as all university students entitled to FSHS services will pay a health care fee to KELA as of 1 January 2021. The health care fee is paid regardless of whether the student uses FSHS services or not. A separate invoice is not sent for the fee and students have to pay the fee on their own iniative. The fee will be paid directly to KELA.

Further information about the healthcare fee on FSHS's website.

Information how to pay the healthcare fee on KELA's website.

Booking and appointment to FSHS



The Town of Kajaani has an insurance which covers students while they are inside the UAS buildings, on their way to and from the UAS (shortest route) and during practical training. In case of an accident, contact the supervising teacher immediately to report the accident.