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Friend Family Programme

Finnish Friend Family programme was launched at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences already in 2010. The aim is to offer international students the chance to get to know Finnish culture and language better by pairing participating students with families from Kainuu area.

The Friend Family Programme not only allows students to experience everyday Finnish life, but also helps them adapt to their new surroundings by connecting them with a welcoming Finnish family.

We are searching for families that are interested in making friends with an international student. Family and student share their free time whenever and wherever it is suitable for both of them. The meetings with a friend family can include for example outdoor activities, cooking or common hobbies, depending on mutual interests.

The idea of the programme is to introduce Finland, the region Kainuu and Finnish culture to international students. In doing so, the families will also have the chance to learn about the home country of the student and about his/her language and culture. The families and the students will be matched according to their language skills, hobbies, etc.

As an international student of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences you are welcome to apply to the Friend Family Programme. You can download the application form and return it by email to the address below.

Make friends with a local Finnish family!

Students and families apply to the programme and based on the applications, we try to find mutual interests and match students and families. Please note that we cannot guarantee to fulfill all the wishes and that it always depends on the participating families and students what kind of friendships will be formed. Some families may have more than one student as a friend.

Based on applications and inquiries we receive, we will arrange the first meetings for the family and the student according to mutually agreed schedule normally at the school premises.


More information
Kirsi Sievers, tel. +358 44 7101 616 kirsi.sievers(at)kamk.fi