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AIESEC is a student-run, non-profit organization dedicated to the personal leadership development and promotion of internationality and global mindset of students around the world, through providing them with opportunities for international volunteering activities and professional internships.

International student organization AIESEC is looking for students who:
• want to practice their leadership skills and take responsibility in different tasks
• work with happy people from different cultures
• want to develop themselves as well as the team they work in
• are eager to get to know new cultures and people
• want to make this world a better place

AIESEC offers Global Citizen voluntary projects to university students who are under 30 years of age. Projects take 6-8 weeks. Our partner countries this year are Russia, Thailand, Peru, Uganda and Greece. You can work with environmental, educational or entrepreneurial issues in schools, NGOs or companies. In our projects you will learn not only new things about the world but also a lot about yourself!

In AIESEC you will gain international work experience, create a long lasting international network of friends and potential work colleges. Moreover, you’ll get to know new cultures and have fun. Your experience, skills and knowledge will always be handy in future! Our mission is to have a positive impact on the society, and gain valuable experience that is needed in the real work life!

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When you are planning to participate in AIESEC programmes abroad, it is recommended to discuss beforehand with your international coordinator.
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KAMK student in International Business, Thanh Thanh Nguyen, took part in the Global Citizen programme in Pakistan.