Make sure you understand your commitment when you sign the Information System permit of use

IT Terms of Service

Your user ID allows you to use work stations and installed software within the OPETUS (TEACHING) network, the Internet connection (Funet) and email (OWA). You can use these services for free for the purpose of completing your degree (Polytechnic Act 351/2003). You are allowed to install software WITH THE PERMISSION OF THE IT STAFF ONLY.
If necessary a fee can be charged for using the network for purposes other than completing your degree. This category includes e.g. downloading files (videos, music) and printing. The use of peer-to-peer applications to download copyright material, connecting your own computer to the UAS network and any form of deliberate overloading of the network is strictly prohibited.

Your user ID and password are personal and confidential. Your user ID is valid throughout your studies and you may also use it during the summer. Never under any circumstances allow anyone else to use your user ID and password as your personal information security will be put at risk and it is strictly against the rules concerning the use of IT services at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. Your user ID and email will become obsolete 2 weeks after graduation, after enrolling as non-attending or after resigning from your studies at the UAS. If you enroll as non-attending you will receive the same user ID email as you had before, on your return. Please make sure you save or retain your emails and files located in the Z-drive before they are permanently deleted after graduation or resignation. The IT service staff will not be responsible for storing emails or files after the aforementioned two week period.

You are responsible for all work and possible damage carried out using your user ID. User rights can be restricted if there is reason to suspect that the user ID holder is guilty of misconduct. Decisions concerning restrictions to user rights are made by the owner of the information system or the Head of School. The restrictions are implemented by the system administrator. In serious cases you will receive a written warning or be temporarily suspended from studies. Decisions concerning written warnings are made by the President of the UAS and concerning suspension, the UAS Board (Polytechnic Act 351/2003). The user ID holder will be invoiced for all costs incurred by misconduct and vandalism according to the number of hours used to investigate the matter and repair all damage.