Exceeding the Study Time


The study right for each student is 3.5 years + 1 extra year + discretionary extension time. 

Exceeding Normative Study Time (after 3.5 years)

If you have already been studying for 3.5 years and still will not graduate, draw up a Study Plan for the remaining studies before the termination of the regular study period (=before 3.5 years has elapsed) and send the plan to the Education and Development Manager. The electronic form is available in Intranet > Studying > Forms for Students.

The Study Plan must include a list of courses remaining and information when and how the courses will be completed. Please discuss with the teachers to confirm the timing of planned courses etc.

Discretionary Extension (after 3.5 + 1 years)

If you have already studied for 3.5 years and 1 extra year, and are still not due to graduate, you can apply for a further discretionary extension.

This discretionary extension time can be granted under the following circumstances:

  •  Justifiable grounds that have affected the studies (working is not necessarily justifiable grounds)
  • There are only a few courses left to be completed and you have realistic chances of completing your studies
  • In the case of compulsory, degree-related studies. If you have completed your compulsory studies, the extension will not be granted, e.g. for additional  free-choice studies or student exchange. 
  • For a maximum of one year at a time


Applying for the Discretionary Extension to Study Time

Fill in the form “Application to Extend the Right to Study”. A free-form application can be enclosed to clarify in more detail. In addition, draw up a Study Plan for how you intend to complete your remaining studies. Both forms are electronic forms and available in Intranet (Studying > Forms for Students).
  • A handling fee of € 50, according to decree (A1440/2014§3) will be charged for the decision to reinstate the right to study. Even if the decision is negative, a handling fee will be charged. The fee should be paid in advance (further instructions: intranet). The receipt/proof of payment must be attached to the application.

The application with the study plan is submitted to the Education and Development Manager. The Head of the School will issue a statement on the matter before the application is passed on to the President.

  • The President will make the decision after receiving the statement from the Head of School.
  • The application should be submitted before the end of the extra year (3.5 years + 1 year)
  • When awarded the extra time, remember to register as being present via ASIO!
  • The study counselor will follow up the progress of the studies


What if the studies are still not finished?

If you do not graduate within extra time, you may apply again as a new student during the joint application period. After the studies have started, draw up an individual study plan with the Education and Development Manager to 

  • agree on approval of previous studies 
  • agree on how remaining studies will be completed 
  • estimate the necessary period of time to finish the studies


If you were just some credits away from graduating but lost your study right, you can apply for the separate study right. Further information

Student Financial Aid for Extra Study Time

If you are entitled to a student grant from KELA, you can apply for it using the online application of KELA. Further information (in Finnish): http://www.kamk.fi/fi/Opiskelijalle/Opiskelijaedut-ja-hyvinvointi/Opintotuki/Opiskeluajan-ylitys-ylitysajan-opintotuki


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