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Research and Development in Nursing and Health Care

Nursing and Health Care competence covers the skills required in nurse and public health nurse education including planning, guiding and development tasks. This supports the development of Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority and regional business activity. Kajaani UAS’s special field of expertise is the development of learning environments and pedagogical application of simulation.

Nursing and Health Care development has three principal themes:

  • Gamification of health care solutions
  • Nursing simulation and learning environments
  • Health and welfare promotion across the Russian border

Gamification in Health Care (Health Games)

Via gamification of health care solutions we aim at making the health care field more attractive with the help of Kajaani UAS’s technology and business competence. In the ongoing project, the business opportunities and markets for the field of health games are analysed. Furthermore, a development plan utilising game technologies for rehabilitation, health promotion and nursing solutions is formulated for Kajaani UAS. The project also includes developing previously produced health game prototypes into finished products, as well as preparing the development stages of a health game related to diabetes in children. Read more (link to Hette Slideshare presentation).

For health games, game technology is utilised and used for other than entertainment purposes. Health games can be categorized into e.g. cognitive, emotional and rehabilitative games. Games help to develop new activity models for self-care and rehabilitation, saving health care resources. Health game prototypes have been developed jointly by Kajaani UAS game technology and the nursing and health care competence in 2011-2013. These include Strokekinect rehabilitation game, a dance game for the elderly and Game_of_My Life (Elämäni peli) game for supporting the life management skills of young people.

In the gamification of health care solutions we cooperate with the University of Tampere and public health care organisations, among others. Game-based solutions are tested in cooperation with the Kainuu Central Hospital.

Simulation as pedagogic method

Nursing competencies are based on skills, knowledge and attitude. Nursing educators have to ensure students’ learning outcomes and ability to use both skills and knowledge together with social abilities in authentic situations.

Kajaani UAS has developed and built simulation environments for

  • clinical care room and
  • elderly person’s home

where students can learn and use their skills in various nearly authentic situations. We benchmark and develop new methods to assess nursing students’ professional competences. Watch more


We are interested in cooperating with working life to ensure our competence with the simulation method. Together with other educational institutions we would like to research the effectiveness of the simulation method as well as the working life skills it generates. For inquiries and proposals, please contact us.

Simulation as pedagogic method in Kajaani UAS

Health and well-being across the border

The well-being of aging and elderly people is promoted through different projects where we cooperate with health care organisations in Kainuu and in Karelia in Russia. Kajaani UAS has established trusted relations to Russian public sector which makes cross the border collaboration easier.

General health and well-being of the population in the Republic of Karelia is reinforced in a project that develops and boosts early intervention tools and the use of pupil counselling to promote the well-being of children, young people and their parents. The project also increases the interaction and communication between teaching staff and parents through support groups and finds ways of instigating the use of a discussion based model for parents, education and teaching staff.

The possibilities of disabled and elderly people to live longer and more independently in their homes save public health care resources. Social exclusion can be prevented by improving accessibility in public environments enabling aging people to participate in working life, hobbies and other activities in society. Kajaani UAS is grounding a network and basis for accessibility cooperation between organizations in Russia and in Finland. Accessibility competence is increased by utilizing the existing model environments, transferring of knowledge and testing solutions in practice. The project also opens opportunities for business operations in the branch of well-being and accessibility. Read in more detail in Learning Lab for Accessibility in Built Environment.pdf.

Contact for collaboration and joint projects

We are actively seeking collaboration on international research and development projects that are connected to health games, simulation in education and cross-border well-being.

For inquiries and proposals, please contact us.