Virtual Mining Environment for Education and Training

The Virtual Mining Learning Environment project (Kaivi) is intended to respond to the needs and challenges set by today’s mining industry and technical expertise through developing virtual and network-based education. The project aims to produce new innovative teaching methods for mining education. Furthermore, it will assist individuals from different operational fields of engineering to become employed in the mining industry.

The “Kaivi-team” at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences concentrates on building the virtual learning environment that enables the mining students to practice and test different skills. The virtual learning environment includes scenario-based tasks such as accident and emergency situations training as well as other training and teaching assignments that give students the opportunity to practice real situations in a safe environment, anytime, anywhere. This can improve the working life skills as well as mine safety of graduating engineers.

The project is done in collaboration with Lapland University of Applied Sciences.



Schedule: 1.6.2015-31.5.2018 (KUAS part will be completed by spring 2017)

Budget: 1 043 350 € (KUAS: 344 608€)
Funded by: European Union Social Fund (Sustainable growth and jobs 2014 – 2020 Programme; North Ostrobothnia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment)



Jonna Kalermo-Poranen, +358 44 7101 049, jonna.kalermo-poranen [at] kamk.fi

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