Project DEVICO

Development of production integrated condition-based maintenance model for mining industry

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Maintenance functions have significant influence on the economy and performance of mining companies. Maintenance costs depending on a mine could be 30-60 % of the total operating cost. Unpredicted repairs cause interruptions and breakdowns in production. This means not only economical losses but, in some cases, also increasing environmental harms such as gas and wastewater emissions. Maintenance of the mining industry has a lot of similarities with the traditional process industry. However, it has also many characteristics different from other industrial fields.

The main goal of this project was to develop condition-based maintenance model, which can be implemented easily and rapidly in mining companies with light maintenance organization. Model will utilize predictive prognostic, condition-based monitoring technologies and necessary maintenance software. Project was divided in two main parts: development of maintenance model (processes) and condition-based maintenance research (technology).

Project was carried out during 2012-2013 together with University of Oulu, which was responsible for technology part of the project. Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Science was responsible for one work package. Project was funded by companies and Tekes/ERDF.

Contact person
Juho Torvi
+358 44 710 145