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Research and Development in Mechanical and Mining Engineering

Mechanical and Mining Engineering is a recent but rapidly developing competence area in Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. Mining specific studies in KUAS promote the availability of skilled foreman, expert and supervisory level employees for the mining industry and are planned in cooperation and dialogue with mining related companies in Finland. Environmental and financial issues, as well as work safety have an important role in the studies.

Kajaani UAS’s subject experts regularly collaborate with industry and other universities and educational institutions to deliver commercially relevant R&D projects which focus on immediate objectives and future opportunities. Projects have wide networks consisting of variety of organizations from all over Finland and also from abroad. Dynamic networks offer a fruitful platform for the further collaborative development of common issues and ideas.

Geo materials related research and development

Environmental issues play a more important role in the mining industry. Geo materials have a potential use in green mining to reduce emissions and waste and to improve energy efficiency. They can be used for the reutilization of mining and process industry waste materials to produce useful products such as concrete (green concrete), fire-proof panels, mine fills, traffic areas, soil stabilization, water purification materials and heavy metal encapsulation.


Geo Materials project studies and processes mineral deposits and by-products from the mining industry, power plants and other industrial processes. Research objectives are to develop new production methods and product concepts to ensure that the region’s companies will have the best possible opportunity to organize efficient technological solutions and cost-effective production. Read more about Geo Materials project .

Condition-based maintenance models

Maintenance functions have significant influence on the economy and performance of mining companies. Unpredicted repairs cause interruptions and breakdowns in production. Maintenance of the mining industry has a lot of similarities with the traditional process industry but also many characteristics different from other industrial fields.

Devico project developed condition-based maintenance model, which can be implemented easily and rapidly in mining companies with light maintenance organization. Model will utilize predictive prognostic, condition-based monitoring technologies and necessary maintenance software. Read more about Devico project.

MoodPro project studies and applies the Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) into monitoring and process measurements of mechanical structures’ condition.

Mine Filtr project aims to increase the know-how related to water removal and filtration of sludges, such as mineral sludges, in the mining industry. The target is to optimize the process by utilizing measurement technology suitable for field conditions.

Development of mining & mineral competence network

Northern Mining Network is a network project that develops the mining & mineral education and R&D activities in Finland. Kajaani UAS and Lapland University of Applied Sciences offer already Bachelor -level education in mining and mineral engineering. The project aims to make the education more international. To achieve this goal, new exchange and cooperation agreements are signed with foreign Universities, English-language course content is developed and personnel has different possibilities to update their industrial knowledge.

The project raises the level of research and development activities to international level. Kajaani UAS recently signed a cooperation agreement with theSanta Maria Technical University of Chile.

Contact for collaboration and joint projects

We are actively seeking collaboration on international research, development and innovation projects in the field of machine and mining engineering.

For inquiries and proposals, please contact us.