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Smart Tourism and Sport Services

Tourism Database for the Kainuu and Oulu Regions

There are three aims in the project. The first aim is to collect tourism data for the biggest tourism destinations in Oulu and Kainuu Regions (Sotkamo, Kalajoki, Kuusamo and Oulu). Collected data contains demographic features of the visitors as well as their motives and satisfaction etc. Tourist data will be gathered both in summer and winter seasons. The second aim of the project is to produce data on the economic impacts of the above-mentioned and some other selected tourism destinations located in the Oulu and Kainuu regions. The third aim of the project is to combine the outcomes of the previous parts. Through combining, tourist segments (for example, domestic and international tourists) and their characteristics are formed for the tourism destinations, the economic profiles of the destinations are presented and the destination-specific forecast and assessment models for the economic impacts of the targeted segments are created.

Funding: European regional development fund
Budget: 192 000 €
Partners: Regional Councils of Kainuu and Oulu, Naturpolis Oy, Kalajoki Vocational College
Time: 2016-2017

CoreFor - Cooperation, Regional Economy and Forecast

In the project ‘TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN THE PROVINCES OF KAINUU AND OSTROBOTHNIA - Cooperation, Regional Economy and Forecast (CoREFor)’ there are three main aims. The first aim of the project is to find out level of present cooperation in the field of tourism between two regions. Also, willingness to cooperation is analyzed in this section. The second aim is to create regional tourism economic model by which influence of tourism income, employment, wage income and tax revenues can be measured and predicted. The third aim is to develop forecast and evaluation model for tourism investments and development projects. The developed models for analyzing and forecasting will offer base for tourism development in the future.

Funding: Ministry of Education and Culture, and partners
Budget: 111 572 €
Partners: Council of Kainuu, Council of Oulu, Kainuu Etu, Naturpolis, BusinessOulu and Pudasjärvi town. .
Time: 2015.

Digital marketing - Ecommerce

The Digital Marketing of Tourism is a project developing and expanding the internet marketing of participating travel resorts and individual companies. It increases awareness and knowledge of internet marketing, implements effective marketing activities in cooperation with the travel resorts and prepares the companies for continuous and systematic marketing. The key objective is to bring the resorts’ and companies’ services and experiences thereof directly to consumers and business customers via the internet so that it is easy to find, book and pay for them. Customer contacts and customer service are increasingly being transferred to the internet.

Funding: European Regional Fund
Budget: 316 000 €
Partners: 80 tourism companies from Kainuu region.
Time: 2011-2013.

Using Game Technology in Tourism

In this project the objective is to analyze game technology potential for tourism marketing and in developing tourism products. Karelia University of Applied Sciences has a parallel running simultaneously. Karelia University of Applied sciences has parallel running simultanously.

Funding: European Social Fund
Budget: 40 000 €
Time: 2014.

Smart Sport Hall

In this project the objective is to plan a modern smart sports hall in Kajaani UAS campus. By combing technological and sport knowledge we will create a plan for a new sport environment in which companies can test new services.

Funding: Ministry of Education and Culture
Budget: 52 000 €.
Time 2014.

Future Forecasting

The Research and Development of Tourism Forecasting in Kainuu and Koillismaa project produced preliminary information and competence for some of Finland’s most important tourism regions (e.g. Vuokatti and Ruka-Kuusamo). The project aimed to grow the tourism industry’s active impact (proactivity) on the future with the aid of forecasting expertise. In this way the region can better prepare for alternative futures with the aid of strategic decision-making, by developing business operations and by focusing education, research and project activities.

Funding: European Regional Development Fund
Budget: 302 000 €
Time: 2008-2011

Time Travel to Eastern Kainuu Landscape

The objective of this project is to increase the knowledge on Eastern Kainuu among the residents and especially the youth living in this project area, including travel companies and tourists. By applying the gained knowledge, the Eastern Kainuu landscape can be utilized much more efficiently as e.g. part of tourism service products. In this project, the informative material related to the landscape of the project area is updated and made public by publishing it online. During the project e.g. a geocaching trail is created.

Funding: EU, Leader programme
Budget: 23 000 €
Partners: Geological survey of Finland, tourism companies