Physical Activity and Health Enhancment

Comparison of Health-related Factors and Physical Fitness of the Habitual Active Elderly between Japan and Finland

This is an international research with the Sendai University of Japan on the health and functional ability of the elderly between 65–74 of age in Finland and Japan. The objective is to survey the typical age risks and physical condition of this target group as well as gain basic information on their health, promote their functional ability, physical condition and health.

Funding: Ministry of Education and Culture
Budget: 15 000 €
Time: 2011

Halfway Stop

The objective of this project is to transform physical education assistance into self-motivated activity for those participate in the project. The aims of the project include promoting the participants’ physical activity and nutritional habits, lighting the spark for a permanent change of lifestyle and developing a cost efficient activity model which utilizes new technological solutions and remote connections enabling personal counselling outside municipal centres. The project is partly carried out by Kajaani UAS and administered by the regional sport association Kainuun liikunta.

Funding: European Social Fund
Budget: 305 000 €
Time: 2013-15
Partners: Kainuun liikunta, municipalities