Development of Sustainable Tourism and Support of Local Handicrafts in the Rural Azerbaijan

The project envisages development of competitive sustainable tourism and poverty reduction in remote rural areas of Azerbaijan by creating of new, quality and accessible travel products corresponding to the needs of customers from Azerbaijan and abroad. Additionally, the aim is to establish strong multilevel cooperation and comprehensive service design structures to promote economic development and support women’s participation and role in the tourism market of the rural regions.

The target regions are: Sheki-Gabala and Guba in the Northern part of the country and Lancaran-Astara in South of Azerbaijan. The project will design and implement the Rural Tourism Marketing and Branding strategy for the target regions with involvement of the large variety of stakeholders and the usage of Finnish and Azeri experts. The strategy and the good practices from the target regions will be delivered to the policy level in tourism sector of Azerbaijan. The project plan an establishment of the Dialogue and Networking mechanism between different stakeholders of rural tourism in policy level.

The project intent is capaciting the project beneficiaries by trainings (entrepreneurship skills, product development, rural tourism marketing and branding, communication strategy in tourism and design rural tourism service chain), by introduction of rural tourism course in school education, promotion of women involvement and profit earning from rural tourism business and supporting of establishment of women led entrepreneurs (carpert making, local traditionally silk stole sewing, traditional azeri bread “tendir, lavash and other cookies” preparation enterprises).

The project will increase accessibility to tourism services by development of promotional materials and improvement of tourism infrustructure. Three Associations of Rural Tourism will be establihed in the framewofrk of this project with representations of tourist guides, handicraft masters, owners of small tourism business, local municipalities and other stakeholders. The project envisage development communication strategy for media relations to reinforce positive messages about the provinces and the country.

The project is implemented in cooperation with  Sustainable Future NGO (Kestävä Tulevaisuus ry) and Ekoloji Tarazliq NGO (EKOT) as the local partner. The project is primarily funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

For more information about the project:

Kaisa Merilahti
+358 50 505 7297
Information on Tourism in Azerbaijan and project target regions
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