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Developing Competitiveness of Tourism and Sport SMEs

Adventure Tourism in Vocational Education and Training (ADVENT)

The main objective of the project is to develop new and innovative initiatives in adventure tourism education that target both of the key target groups: adult practitioners working in adventure tourism SMEs and young tourism students. 

Funding: Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships
Partners: Framhaldsskolinn i Austur-Skaftafellssyslu (Iceland), University of the Highlands and Islands (Scotland), Visit Vatnajökull (Iceland), Kainuu Vocational College (Finland), Lochaber Chamber of Commerce (Scotland), Naturpolis (Finland), University of Iceland

Time: 2017-2020

More information: Kaisa Merilahti, kaisa.merilahti(a)kamk.fi

Development of Sustainable Tourism and Support of Local Handicrafts in the Rural Azerbaijan

The project envisages development of competitive sustainable tourism and poverty reduction in remote rural areas of Azerbaijan by creating of new, quality and accessible travel products corresponding to the needs of customers from Azerbaijan and abroad. Additionally, the aim is to establish strong multilevel cooperation and comprehensive service design structures to promote economic development and support women’s participation and role in the tourism market of the rural regions.

Funding: Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Budget: 197 000 € 
Partners: Sustainable Future NGO in Finland and Ekoloji Tarazliq NGO (EKOT) in Azerbaijan
Time: 2015-2019

More information: Kaisa Merilahti, kaisa.merilahti(a)kamk.fi

Ylä-Kainuu Tourism Development Project

The municipalities of Suomussalmi, Hyrynsalmi and Puolanka form the area Ylä-Kainuu. Suomussalmi and Hyrynsalmi share a tourism development project with the objective of strengthen the tourism operators in the area, develop their skills, improve the quality of services, promote marketing and communications, create new tourism products and services. This will secure an improved competitive edge in the continuously toughening competition. Especially the substantial tourism investments require new complementing services to attract new customer groups.

Funding: European Regional Development Fund
Budget: 215 000 €
Partners: 30 tourism companies and two municipalities in Kainuu region
Time: 2014-2015

Internationalisation of Cultural Tourism in Kainuu; Kuhmo-Suomussalmi

 Brainstorming new cultural tourism services

The main objective of the project is to develop companies and private organisations in Kuhmo and Suomussalmi in order to increase the revenue in cultural tourism by attracting new international customer groups. The project includes three focus areas: productisation of cultural tourism, developing international marketing and internationalising events.

Funding: European Regional Development Fund
Budget: 350 000 €
Time: 2013-2014

Horizontal networks - Sparsely populated rural area

The aims of the network are to improve the visibility of the matters in sparsely populated rural areas, to promote and activate the materializing of local experiments, to develop horizontal networks standard of activity in cooperation with various actors.

Funding: The Rural Policy Committee / Ministry of Employment and the Economy.
Budget: 59.000 €.
Time: 2014 -2015.

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