Recruitment Services - a Link Between Students and Working Life

Recruitment Services provide students with information on and feedback from real-life businesses. We also offer opportunities for discussion between students and employers, guide students in their career planning and promote their opportunities to find employment. Recruitment Services participate in arranging various events and collects information in order to monitor how successful KAMK graduates have been in finding employment.

Expeditus Novus Recruitment Fair

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences organizes recruitment fair “Expeditus Novus” yearly or every second year together with the KAMK Student Union KAMO. The event arranged in January 2014 was the tenth time in a row for this event to be arranged. The Expeditus Novus Recruitment Fair is organized as part of a learning project, which is run by students who make up the project team.

At the fair, local and regional companies and organisations will present their operations and network with students. This event also serves to develop cooperation between KAMK and businesses in the region and promotes graduate employment prospects in Kainuu region. In addition to companies presenting their operations, there are also lectures on current affairs or company presentations and also a CV clinic available for students. For further information and enquiries, please contact the Recruitment Services.

Looking for Trainees or Workers?

Practical training is an essential part of studies in a university of applied sciences. Students from all fields of study can be reached via the Recruitment Services for practical training, but also for project work, thesis and other kinds of jobs. There are both Finnish and international students available!

Alumni Network

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences has set up Alumni network activities. Alumni include all those who have graduated with a degree or who have accomplished some other form of long-term training at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. Alumni will receive information about further and complimentary education at regular intervals. The network will also organize alumni meetings where it will be possible to network with a variety of operators. Alumni can also work as visiting lecturers and commission assignments from students. The alumni network will provide valuable information on the suitability of training for work and it acts as an important bridge with the changing sphere of working life.

You can join other alumni by enrolling in the alumni register.

Contact Information
For further information, please contact

Mrs Kati Rita
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