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Alumni Ambassador

Ngo Quynh Van

International Business Graduate, Entrepreneur

Ngo Quynh Van - Founder / CEO of Van AB Road English Class, is an alumni dedicating her youth and wisdom to inspire young Vietnamese to learn English and study abroad. As part of her story, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is a hatching nest that incubates young talents. Having matured from it, Van's mission is to spread the story and get more people to discover the world with this university as she did.

Early in her high school years, Van found herself thinking strategically and loved taking risks - qualities of business people. She then wanted to study abroad but the costs were high for a normal Vietnamese family. Luckily her supporting mother found out that Finland not only has wonderful nature and kind-hearted people, it also provides high-ranking education with scholarships. Van hence decided to give this peaceful country a try.

The entrance to KAMK was really a battle, but it's all worth it. The conscientious teachers and the amazingly helpful staff made her feel at home. Speaking of knowledge, the quality lessons at the Business School gave Van a firm foundation for her entrepreneurship today. Not long after Van dedicated all her efforts to her study, she was given another life-changing opportunity by Kajaani UAS, which was to continue her study in Germany and get a Double Degree. Not to mention the internship chances and vital financial supports that made her study abroad much easier and more meaningful.

Having graduated for almost 2 years, she is now running her own start-up, a service that provides English and Skills Development courses, with free consultancy on studying abroad. Van first started with a personal blog sharing her own stories throughout the journey, getting much attention from the audience and several companies. Many of them have switched their decisions from studying in some other countries to finally applying for scholarships in Finland throughout the last one year. Her blog Vanabroad.com has also made the benefits and application procedures clearer to potential candidates, and drawn a realistic big picture to form their expectations.

Apparently Van AB Road is a great example how to use own experience and passion to develop a business idea and offer services which are useful for others.

Read more: http://vanabroad.com/