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Kajaani University of Applied Sciences has set up Alumni network activities. An alumnus (singular, plural alumni) is a former student of a college or university. Commonly the word refers to a graduate of the educational institute in question. So everyone who has graduated from KAMK can be considered alumni, including also former exchange students.

As an alumnus, you will be representing your university after graduation. You can be considered an ambassador, who shares their experiences with prospective students and promotes the university also after graduation.  The alumni network provides us valuable information on the suitability of the education for the work and it also acts as an important bridge with the changing sphere of working life.

The students are always interested what you can do with the degree they are studying for. Our alumni are working in a variety of interesting positions and companies in different countries and to share this information, we arrange events for the alumni to come and talk to the students about their experiences.  If you cannot join the event in person, you are welcome to join via Skype or Adobe Connect!

We will provide information about further and complimentary education to our alumni. It will also be possible to participate in certain lectures from distance. We arrange alumni meetings, where the alumni meet, share thoughts and ideas and network with other alumni and with a variety of operators. We also welcome our alumni to act as visiting lecturers - if you feel like you could share your expertise on a certain topic, feel free to contact us! Remember, that our students can be used as a resource in your work place - as trainees, project or thesis workers.

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1) KAMK Alumni in Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kamkinalumnit. (Unfortunately for the time being in Finnish only). Follow also Kajaani University of Applied Sciences in Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/kamkuas). 

2) KAMK in LinkedIn (as an university). Please add this to your LinkedIn-profile. The easiest way to do it is by clicking this link:

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KAMK International Alumni network contact person:
Kirsi Sievers
Tel. +358 44 7101 616