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School of Engineering

 The School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering (KAMK-MME) provides higher education and also research and development services for industry in mechanical engineering. Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is a nationally appreciated R&D partner working closely with industry and being active in international co-operation.

One of the specialization areas in MME is mining and mineral processing. KAMK is the only university in Europe to offer such an education and R&D (in collaboration with Lapland University of Applied Sciences). Since 2012, R&D at KAMK-MME has focused on utilizing industrial by-products as raw materials for water-purification techniques (circular economy). KAMK has developed cost-efficient adsorbents for metals and metalloids, and ammonia (from blasting residues). Valuable metals such as cobalt and copper can be recovered as concentrate, increasing economical efficiency.

We also offer automation competence to create solutions for the robotics and metrology industry. Read more about our services in measurement and information systems and robotics.

In the School of Engineering, the following degrees are offered in Finnish language:

Contact Information
Head of School
Mr Jari Kähkönen
Email jari.kahkonen(at)kamk.fi
Tel. +358 44 7101 303