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Career Monitoring Survey

Career Monitoring Survey is yearly survey used to monitor the career development of the graduates of university of applied sciences. Main purpose is to have information about the careers of graduates after graduation. 

Information collected with the survey is used to develop the studies in universities of applied sciences as well as collect information about the employment situation five years after graduation.


Career Monitoring Survey in KAMK

In KAMK we have to main purpose for the survey: one, we hear how our graduates are doing and two, we develop our degrees by the information you give us in your career stories. Information we have in this surveys is highly appreciated. The information you give is being used to develop our degrees to match the need of working life.

Link to survey will be sent five years after graduation and we hope you will make sure your contact details are up to date. If needed, you can update your contact details with alumni information form.

This year survey will be sent to all graduates of 2015. In case you have not received the link to survey or link is missing, please send us email to teija.sievanen(at)kamk.fi and we will send a new link to you.

Update your contact information with Alumni Information form


Press release about Career Monitoring Survey by Arene ry 15.10.2020


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