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Kajaani University of Applied Sciences - Time Travel

 1996  Kajaani University of Applied Sciences amongst the first to be granted permanent status
 1998  The first English-taught programme, Degree Programme in International Business, starts
 1999  Degree Programme in Tourism (in Finnish) begins
 Laboratories established
 2001  All departments situated in a single campus area
 2001  The Information Centre opens
 2001  Student Restaurant "Fox" opens
 2003  Second-cycle degree qualification Technology Competence Management begins
 2005  Degree Programme in Sports and Leisure Management (in Finnish) attracts a mass of applications
 Tourism Degree Programme (in English) begins
 2006  Bachelor of Business and Administration degree qualification, Game Programming major and Legal Specialist major begins
 Second-cycle degree qualification in Health Care Management and Development
 2009  A new English-taught proramme, Degree Programme in Sports and Leisure Management, begins
 A Masters Degree Programme in Entrepreneurship and Business Competence begins (in Finnish)
 2011  A Masters Degree Programme in Clinical Nursing Expertise begins (in Finnish)
 Game Technology starts as a specialization in the Degree Programme in Information Technology (in Finnish)
 2014  KAMK becomes a limited liability company as of 1.1.2014
 2014  Adult education in Sports and Leisure Management begins (in Finnish)
 2015  KAMK is awarded a quality label after passing a quality audit by Finnish Highed Education Evaluation Centre
 2015  A Masters Degree Programme in Sports Management and Development begins (in Finnish)
 2017  A Master's Degree in Business Information Technology and Business Competence begins (in Finnish)
 2017  A Bachelor's Degree in Tourism begins again (in English)
 2018  A Bachelor's Degree in eSports Business begins (in English)
 2018  A Master's Degree in International Business begins (in English)