International Student Exchanges  

A love of adventure, curiosity, to broaden your world-view and improve your language skills – whatever your reason for going abroad it’s worth it! Student exchange visits are always temporary and they follow the dates of the start and end of semesters in the receiving universities. During your exchange you are eligible to receive a grant from KAMK. 

Studies Abroad as part of Your Degree

Studies abroad are included in your degree at home and won’t prolong the time you use to complete it. The learning agreement is a study plan for the the student exchange drawn up before departure and the courses completed abroad are fully accredited to the degree at KAMK. You may participate in an exchange during your second year of studies at the earliest.

Where Can I Go?

The easiest and cheapest way to go on exchange is to go to KAMK partner universities.  KAMK has partner universities and other partners in more than fifty countries and each School has its own partners in co-operation. Official agreements between KAMK and our partners ensure that students do not have to deal with complicated red tape in order to obtain a study place abroad. The agreement also ensures that the receiving partner university does not charge tuition fees. 

Further information about the student exchange can be found on our intranet pages.