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International Student Exchanges  

A love of adventure, curiosity, to broaden your world-view and improve your language skills – whatever your reason for going abroad it’s worth it! The easiest and cheapest way to go on exchange is to visit KAMK partner universities. Student exchange visits are always temporary and they follow the dates of the start and end of semesters in the receiving universities. During your exchange you are eligible to receive a grant from KAMK. 

Applying for International Student Exchanges

You may participate in an exchange during your second year of studies at the earliest. Apply by completing the electronic form for international exchange in SoleMOVE. The application periods for international exchanges are in January - February and September every year.

When the application period is over the International Co-ordinator of your School and the International Office process the applications. When selecting the outgoing exchange students, the students without international experience will be selected first. Other selection criteria are the completed studies and language skills. The compulsory courses from the first year must be completed before going to exchange.

After the selection the departing students must fill in the applications required by the receiving university. The final selection of exchange applicants is always made by the receiving university. 

Applying for International Student Exchanges in North2north Programme

The internal application period for North2north exchanges is open once per year during weeks 2 – 4, for applying for exchanges that will take place in the autumn or spring semester of the following academic year.  Begin the application process by contacting your departmental coordinator. The SoleMOVE application is filled out and submitted only after you have been accepted by the host university. You will find more information about this programme and available exchange destinations on the North2north programme’s website.

Applying for Double Degree Programmes /Top-up Programmes

If you wish to apply for the Double Degree Programme/Top-up Programme, you must complete a  double degree application form as well as the electronic exchange application form in SoleMOVE. Further information about Double Degree and Top-up Programmes.

Studies Abroad as part of Your Degree

Studies abroad are included in your degree at home and won’t prolong the time you use to complete it. The learning agreement is a study plan for the the student exchange drawn up before departure. It is compiled with the School's International Co-ordinator based on a list of courses offered at the receiving institution. During the exchange, you are expected to follow the learning agreement. At the end of the exchange the receiving institution gives you a transcript of records displaying the completed courses and their grades. The courses completed abroad are fully accredited to the degree at KAMK.