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Cooperation Partner Institutes of Higher Education

KAMK has partner universities and other partners in more than forty countries. Each School in KAMK has its own partner in co-operation.

A cheap and easy way to spend time abroad is to go on international exchange at a partner university. Official agreements covering student and teacher exchanges between KAMK and our partners ensure that students do not have to deal with complicated red tape in order to obtain a study place abroad. The agreement also ensures that the receiving partner university does not charge tuition fees.

Below you can find a list of international partners with whom we an agreement. More information on the partner institution and on the contents of the agreement can be enquired from the International Office or from the International Coordinators.

North2north Programme

KAMK is a member of the Arctic University that has an exchange programme called North2north (n2n). Students from KAMK can go on exchange to the n2n programme’s partner universities in Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Russia and the United States. KAMK has 1 – 3 student exchange places at its disposal per year in this programme. You will find more information about this programme on the North2north programme’s website.