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Go Abroad!

As our student you will be able to complete part of your studies and practical training abroad. The main principle is that you can study abroad after your first year and complete your practical training period after two years of study. All students can apply for a grant from KAMK to cover extra costs of going abroad. The easiest and cheapest way to go on exchange is to go to KAMK partner universities.  

In addition to regular student exchanges, students studying Business and Tourism have the opportunity of completing a double degree. In this case you will complete a part of your studies at a KAMK's partner university and when you graduate,  you will also be awarded a degree from the partner university. 

Gain international experience at KAMK

It is not necessary to go so far a field to gain international experiences at KAMK. The foreign degree and exchange students as well as visiting lecturers from our partner universities abroad are an important part of our internationalisation. Besides completing the whole degree in English, most of our Finnish-taught degrees offer some English-taught courses as well as language and culture studies. You can also take part in the Student Union KAMO's activities.

Current students of KAMK can find detailed information on our intranet pages.   

Internationalisation is for Everybody

In Finland everybody is encouraged to go on exchange. Each year the Finnish National Agency for Education reserves a budget for special needs grant which is intended to enable international mobility in circumstances when an injury, impairment, illness, learning difficulty or other special need causes additional costs that are not covered by other sources. The grant is paid on top of the normal exchange grant. Read more about the Special Needs Grant.

Erasmus+ programme provides also extra financial aid to support the studies and practical training abroad of students with children.



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