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School of Tourism and Sports

In the School of Tourism and Sports studies offered for the exchange students specialize either in Activity or Wellbeing Tourism. The courses related to the Activity and Wellbeing Tourism are aimed both Tourism and Sports students which gives a fruitful combination of different skills to learn something new. The courses often include experimenting outdoor activities according to the season, for example canoeing, climbing, trekking, husky safari and different winter sports. Please note that if you choose courses from different groups and study years, the lessons will most likely overlap. 

For the Tourism and Sports courses and the related study trips, you may need for example hiking shoes, windproof clothes and a sleeping bag, so consider bringing them with you. 

We also offer a beginner's course in Finnish, Finnish for Exchange Students (3 ECTS) which is recommended for all exchange students. 1 Finnish credit (cr) is equal to 1 ECTS credit. This equals to approx. 27 hours of a student's work.  

Please note that there might be changes in the timing and courses offered also later.

For one semester, the recommended amount of credits to choose is 30 ECTS. Please note that certain courses may be included in modules and that such courses may not be available to be selected without taking the full module.

After making the course selections from your own field and your timetable allows, it is possible to take a look at other Schools' offered courses. However, it should be noted that if you choose courses from different years and schools, the courses will most likely overlap. Choose courses from other fields or several years only if the timetable allows. The timetables will only be available at the beginning of each semester.  

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