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From this page you can find information about the English taught courses in the Bachelor's Degree in International Business.  

Studying at KAMK is practically oriented. The studies in the International Business include lectures and seminars to provide the theoretical background for the subjects, but also a lot of group work, project work and presentations to apply the theory into practise. The students will participate in real-life business projects. In addition to the contact teaching, also a variety of online courses is offered for the exchange students in Business. This gives flexibility for students to plan their own timetables.

For exchange students, we offer a beginner's course in Finnish: Finnish for Exchange Students (3 ECTS). It is highly recommended to study the basics of the local language during your exchange.

For one semester, the recommended amount of credits to choose is 30 ECTS. 

The course "St Petersburg Study trip" includes a study trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. The cost per student is approximately 350 Euros (+ visa costs 80 - 150 euros depending on nationality). Please note:  

  • You will need a passport and the passport must be valid at least 6 months after the trip ends
  • You will be applying for the visa from Finland as a foreigner to Russia. Further information about the Russian visa:! The visa will be applied after arriving at Kajaani, as a group with the trip participants.
  • There are different Russian regulations for each nationality which sometimes may prevent you from participating. For example UK and Japanese citizens must prove that they have stayed in Finland for a minimum of 90 days BEFORE applying for the visa when applying from Finland.
  • There may also be unforeseen changes in the visa regulations from the Russian side also on short notice.
  • There is a limited number of places available for the trip. The final list of participants can only be confirmed after starting the studies.
  • For the year 2019 there'll be only one trip, arranged in the autumn semester 2019.

1 Finnish credit (cr) is equal to 1 ECTS credit. This equals to approx. 27 hours of a student's work. The lists of courses offered for each academic year is available by the end of May yearly. Please note that there might be changes in the timing and courses offered also later. Also note that if you choose courses from different years and schools, the courses may overlap and therefore the final confirmation of the Learning Agreement can be done only in the beginning of the exchange semester.


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Study trip to St. Petersburg, Russia
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