Finnish Customs Import Regulations

Good to know about Finnish Customs and import regulations: 

  • the value of gift dispatches sent to Finland must not exceed 34 €
  • sending of medicines, meat and milk products to Finland e.g. from China is strictly forbidden
  • all parcels and packages must be addressed to the real consignee (the person for whom the parcel/package is really meant), not to members of the University of Applied Sciences staff or any other person. If there are any problems with the dispatch the consignee/person to whom the parcel is addressed will be held legally responsible. Please instruct your friends and relatives to address any parcels and packages to you, in your own name.
The Kajaani Customs Bureau will be glad to provide further information. The address is Kajaanin Tulli, Teknologiapuisto, PL 119, 87400 KAJAANI.