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Health Insurance Package for KAMK Students

These packages are primarily for non EU/EEA students but can be bought by EU students if they wish to have private health insurance during their stay in Finland. These were negotiated with MARSH/SIP and fulfill the residence permit requirements.
SIP Integral: For exchange students who will not have access to the student or national health care system here in Finland due to their length of study (students staying in Finland less than 2 years). 

SIP Compliment: For full-degree students who have access to the student or national health care system here in Finland because they are covered by the national health system through obtaining a ‘home municipality right’. It means that students who are in Finland for more than 2 years may apply for the home municipality right at the local registration office afte thei arrival in Finland. 


How to obtain the insurance from the Student Insurance Program (SIP)

You can buy the MARSH/SIP health insurance online with a credit card, please see the link below. If you have any questions about the insurance, you must contact MARSH directly. 

VERY IMPORTANT: All communications regarding this insurance (obtaining it, what it covers, and how to make a claim) should be done with the insurance provider. You, the student, are the policy holder and your institution has no right to discuss any issues with the insurer