Health Care

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences has its own student health care centre called VITAL. VITAL's public health nurses are available from Monday to Friday at 8.00 - 9.30 in Opintie 3 D (VITAL is situated in the student apartment block of the vocational school). Students may also consult the public health nurses over the phone from Monday to Friday at 11.30 - 12.15. The services of the public health nurses are available and free of charge to all our students. Tests and reports may cost something for students.

More detailed information on health care can be found from Studying > Student Services > Health Care


Students coming from countries other than the Nordic countries are entitled to use public health care services in acute cases of illness or accidents requiring medical attendance by using the European Health Insurance Card. Students who come from the Nordic countries are required to prove their right to receive medical care by showing their passport, medical insurance card or identification card.

The European Health Insurance Card can also be downloaded for your smartphone:

Non-EU citizens

Citizens of non-EU-countries arriving in Finland for the purpose of study or student exchange are required to have health insurance, if the study or student exchange lasts for more than three months.

Health insurance is also a requirement for obtaining a residence permit for studies. Foreign students must have a health insurance policy that covers the costs of medical care. The health insurance must be in force upon entry into Finland. The insurance policy must be issued by a reliable and financially sound company or institution.

Please note that after arrical in Finland, you can apply for a municipality of residence in the local Register Office (Maistraatti in Finnish). When you are a resident of a Finnish municipality (i.e., you have a place of domicile in Finland), you are entitled to treatment in the Finnish public healthcare system and will be charged the same user fee as any other local resident. Your nationality or the country from which you came to Finland is of no importance.

International Student Health Insurance is now available for Kajaani UAS students!

Kajaani UAS has negotiated with MARSH/SIP a specific insurance solution for its international students. The insurance packages are primarily for non EU/EEA students but can be bought by EU students if they wish to have private health insurance during their stay in Finland. All information on the SIP packages can be found on the website

Further information on health insurance can be found in the bulletin issued to educational institutions by the Ministry of the Interior. The bulletin issued to educational institutions.