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The course of spring 2021 is full. Thank you for all applicants.

Want to be an expert of Linux-programming and IoT?

Companies need new ICT-experts! In Highway 2 code -education project Kajaani University of Applied Sciences offers 30 ECTS of programming studies and 10 ECTS in an internship or IoT-project, where students can apply their skills to real work. Studies are free of charge. Basic studies consist of C-programming, Linux operating system and modern DevOps process. Specialization studies include embedded Python-programming, data sources and databases, web-development and IoT-solutions (Internet of Things).  

The training starts in January 2021 and the duration is 6 months. 
The training is university level. If student starts degree studies in a university of applied sciences later, ECTS from this training can be granted for degree studies. Training will be primarily in English. Implementation is done completely in online studies and thus can be conducted alongside work. We are primarily looking for people who complete the full training.


Kajaani University of Applied Sciences study modules (30 ECTS + 10 ECTS)

 Basic studies (15 ECTS)
• Linux OS 5 ECTS
• C-programming 5 ECTS
• DevOps Basics 5 ECTS

Specialization studies (15 ECTS)

• Embedded Python Programming 5 ECTS
• Databases and data sources in IoT system 5 ECTS
• Full Stack Web Development with Vue.js and Node.js 5 ECTS

Internship/IoT project (10 ECTS)

To who
Understanding the basics of programming, and willingness and enthusiasm to develop his or her skills are required. The education is meant for people living in Finland.

After the training a student is ready to work in ICT field, and companies get ICT experts they need. 

The application period has ended for spring 2021.

Highway 2 Code -project is financed by Ministry of Education and Culture. The partners of the project are Centria University of Applied Sciences (UAS), Oulu UAS, Kajaani UAS, Vaasa UAS, Jyväskylä UAS and Turku UAS. Project is coordinated by Centria UAS. Each UAS offers 30 ECTS of ICT studies and internship of 10 ECTS. The student seeks to study at the option that looks most interesting for his/her career. More information about studies in other partner UAS:
Training will be held 3-5 times between 2019-2021.


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