Winter School in Healthy Aging at KAMK School of Health

Due to the COVID 19-induced closing of KAMK as of 18.3.2020, we have cancelled the Winter School in Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging

The aim of the Healthy Aging Winter School is to discuss multiple perspectives to healthy aging and apply the knowledge to healthy aging innovation development.

Course title
Healthy Aging
Teaching period
16. - 20.3.2020 (German guests) and 17. – 20.3.2020 (Dutch guests)
Language of instruction
Course structure and teaching methods
Course tasks include pre-course tasks, lectures, group work and visits 
Course assessment: pass – fail 
Course assessment is based on active participation in sessions and group projects and reflective group learning diary 
KAMK University of Applied Sciences, School of Health, Ketunpolku 4, 87100 Kajaani, Finland

Course Information & Schedule

The information will be added later.


The deadline for registration is Sunday 29.2.2020

Online registration - cancelled
Hotel and address
Prices and booking code
Kauppakatu 20, 87100 Kajaani
Phone +358 10 783 2000

- single room 104 euros/night
- double room 124 euros/night
Booking code: BKV-viikko2020

Prices are valid until 16.2.2020
Koskikatu 3, 87200 Kajaani
Phone +358 8 616 41
Kaukavesi Swimming Center/Spa is situated right beside the hotel
- standard single room 77 euros/night
- standard double room 82 euros/night
- room for 3 people 126 euros/night
- room for 4 people 146 euros/night
Booking code: BINT160320 
Prices are valid until 2.3.2020
Onnelantie 1, 87100 Kajaani
Phone +358 30 608 6100
- single room 75 euros/night
- double room 85 euros/night
Booking code: please mention the price when booking the room
Syväojankatu 1, 87700 Kajaani
Phone +358 8 629 151
- single room 54 euros/night
- double room 78 euros/night
Booking code: International Week

Kajaani is located about 600 kilometers from Helsinki. The quickest way to travel to Kajaani is to take a flight (approx. 1 hour), but you can also travel by train (approx. 7 hours).

The timetables and ticket prices can be found on the web pages of the appropriate companies, please see the links below.

The Kajaani Airport is located approximately 10 km from the town center. Train station is in the town center. KAMK will arrange the transportation from the airport to the hotels on Sunday and back to the airport on Friday after lunch.     

Flights from Helsinki to Kajaani
Train timetables

Practical information

If your trip is financially supported by the Erasmus+ programme, please send us the Mobility Agreement in advance, so that we can sign and send it back to you before the exchange. All participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.

KAMK will cover the transportation from the airport to the hotels on Sunday and back to the airport on Friday after lunch as well as the transportation within Kajaani and all other costs of the programme items except husky safari. The husky safari costs approximately 90 euros. Participants will be expected to fund their travel to Kajaani as well as the accommodation expenses.   

Experience the Finnish Winter

Besides the official programme, you will also have a great opportunity to try out some winter activities. We'll offer you a chance to dip in the frozen river or to go snowshoeing guided by our Tourism students.

A snowshoe is footwear for walking over the snow. The simplicity of practicing this sport makes it the easiest of all winter sports, because if you can walk, you can snowshoe.

Winter Swimming
Winter swimming is the act of entering water that has formed a frozen top layer or water that is around 0°C. When winter swimming in outdoor waterways, it is usually necessary to make a hole in the ice.

Try a Husky Safari
We offer you the option of trying a Husky Safari during the International Week. You will be swept from the excitement of the arena out into the peaceful and surreal winter forests. Learn how to harness the sled dogs and practice the skill of driving over a long distance. The trail is 6 km long. You will also be introduced to the huskies daily lives.  The husky safari costs approximaterly 90 euros/person (incl. safari outfit and hot drinks).

The course combines innovative education and hands-on learning with activities in the best parts of Kajaani during wintertime. We hope to make this week an unforgettable experience!

For more information, please contact Jaana Härkönen, tel. +358 44 7101 028, e-mail: jaana.harkonen(at)