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Post Graduate Diploma in Global Business Management (PGDGBM)

Global Business Management (PGDGBM) is a unique post graduate diploma programme within the business discipline. PGDGBM combines strategic management and innovation in global business, research and development methods, and the understanding of the global business environment. Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) post graduate diploma in Global Business Management will help you on your journey towards achieving a management position, developing a strong professional network, or even starting your own business. This English-taught diploma is a multidisciplinary program that welcomes applicants with at least a Bachelor’s degree (first cycle).

KAMK has for many years been among the top-ranked universities of applied sciences in Finland in terms of high-quality education and student guidance. KAMK owes its success to the people involved in its activities. Its members of staff have a positive, innovative, and open-minded attitude to their work and to the continuous development of their working community.

Further Study Opportunities

Graduates of the post graduate diploma programme who wish to continue their studies, can apply for a Master's Degree in Global Business Management (90 ECTS) or International Business Management (90 ECTS, part-time, online). The post graduate diploma programme provides the first 60 ECTS for the Master’s program. The post graduate diploma studies in Global Business Management will start on 1.2.2023 provided that the minimum number of 25 students is found.  

Basic Information
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Scope of studies: 60 ECTS credits
  • Planned duration: 1 year
  • Studies will start on 1 February, 2023
  • Form of teaching: Face-to-face teaching on the KAMK campus and independent studies, team working
  • Teaching time: Daytime teaching
  • Studies require attendance in Kajaani starting from 1 February 2023
  • Training fee for non-EU/EEA citizens: 11 500 euros (including VAT)
  • The courses are designed to provide students with the information they will need to succeed as business leaders in today’s modern business environment.
  • All non-EU/EEA students are expected to apply for a residence permit from the Finnish Immigration Service (MIGRI) within 30 day from the notification of admission. Since these studies do not lead to a degree, you can be granted a residence permit for studies only if there are reasonable grounds for doing so. Acceptable reasons can be further studies to supplement vocational skills or degrees already acquired, further training relating to work done in the country of departure, or special training available in Finland (for example training provided within the framework of education export). Further information can be found on the KAMK website.
  • In case of a negative residence permit decision, the student can get a refund of the training fee. However, KAMK will withhold a handling fee of 1250 euros from the refundable amount to cover the administrative costs.

New application period begins on 21 November 2022 at 8 am GMT+2
Application period ends on 28 October 2022 at 8 am GMT+2

Application form
Note! The application form opens on Monday 21 November 2022 at 8 AM (GMT+2)

Once you have submitted your online application form, we will send you a link where you can upload the required attachments.


Eligibility Criteria

The minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree (first-cycle) in any field and two year’s work experience in the field of business and commerce, as well as sufficient proficiency in English. However, a minimum of 20 credits of business studies are required. Applicants must present appropriate certificates of their studies and work experience, their degree certificate and work certificates to prove their eligibility within the application period.

Students should possess 

  • a Bachelor’s degree (first-cycle degree) or a similarly appropriate higher education degree that includes a minimum of 20 ECTS in business studies,
  • a minimum of 24 months of work experience in the field of business, 
  • sufficient English language skills to complete the program, no official language test certificate required.

Applicants’ eligibility is verified as part of the application process, either before the selection or after acceptance, as the university of applied sciences decides.

Admission Criteria

KAMK will use the following student selection method:

  • CV
  • Copy of Bachelor's Degree Certificate with at least 20 credits (ECTS) of business studies
  • Copies of the work certificates that give details of your work experience of at least 24 months in the business sector
  • Copy of passport
  • Please note that you should have sufficient English language skills to complete the programme.
  • Group interview in English, to be held online
Admission Procedure

Admission assessment will be based upon two phases.

  • First phase – CV  to be submitted with application by 28 November 2022 at 8 AM (Finnish local time)
  • Second phase – Group interview (oral exam) on 1 - 2 December 2022.   

Both phases are used to assess the applicants’ abilities to study at the university of applied sciences.

Students will be selected on the basis of the points awarded from both the CV and the interview. The best candidates based the points awarded on their CVs will be invited to a group Teams interview.

Please note that documents received after the given deadline will not be accepted.

The student selections will be published on 7 - 9 December 2022.

Additional Information

Structure of Studies

The post graduate diploma studies consist of a total of 60 ECTS. The program includes management studies (20 ECTS), research and development studies (10 ECTS) and advanced development studies (30 ECTS). Studies will be held on campus in Kajaani and during daytime teaching hours.

Human Resource Management 5 ECTS  • Global Trends, Business Innovations and Concepts 5 ECTS  • Strategic Management 5 ECTS  • International Financial Management 5 ECTS

Research and Development Methods I 5 ECTS • Business Research and Development Methods II 5 ECTS  

Customer Experience Management 5 ECTS Finnish for foreigners 5 ECTS • Project Management 5 ECTS  • Emerging Technologies and Business 5 ECTS • Entrepreneurial Behavior and Practices 5 ECTS • Market and supply analysis 5 ECTS

Timing and Implementation of the Studies

The PGDGBM diploma at KAMK is a full-time programme that consisting of lessons, group work, online lectures, e-learning, independent learning, discussions, and assignments. Lectures are delivered on 2-3 days during the semesters from February to May and from August to December. You should note that you will have independent learning, written exams and essays in every courses. So academic writing is also a skill you will need. 

A group work advisory session is organized once a week. You will also receive professional career guidance from our staff every semester. The study week is 40 hours long. The assignments for each study module are based on a theoretical framework, which is then applied to development of workplace/organisational practices and activities. 

Career Opportunities

Those who finish the diploma studies will be well-suited for achieving a management position, developing a strong professional network, or even starting your own business. Possible work may include e.g. positions as project managers, HR managers and development managers.

Cooperation with Other Parties

All our facilities are located within a single campus area near the city center, within easy walking distance of each other. Student accommodation is available in neat, modern apartments near campus and students can enjoy the outstanding natural surroundings for a wide range of leisure and sports activities. The advantage of a single campus area is that it promotes cooperation between students and departments.
For inquiries, please contact us on:
r.soni@rginternational.org or