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School of Health

Studies in the School of Health comprise 210 - 240 credits (3.5 - 4 years).  Besides the Bachelor's degrees, the School of Health and Sports offers a Master's Degree in Social Services and Health Care.


Studies Taught in Finnish

In the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing students will develop expertise in nursing care and health promotion. Students can either specialise in Nursing or Public Health Nursing. Graduates of the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing will be awarded a Bachelor's Degree qualification in Health Care and become Registered Nurses (210 credits) or Registered Public Health Nurses (240 credits).

The School of Health and Sports offers a second-cycle degree in Health Care Management and Development. The studies are worth 90 credits and they lead to a Master of Health Care degree qualification. The aim of the degree is to provide the skills and expertise required in healthcare management jobs and expert tasks. The degree is work oriented and it takes into account the special healthcare features of the region.

Entry requirements for Master's programme: Bachelor’s degree and at least three years of subsequent work experience in a relevant field.