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School of Engineering

Degrees offered in the field of Technology, Communications and Transport comprise 240 credits (4 years) and lead to a Bachelor's degree qualification in Engineering. In addition to these programmes, the School of Engineering also offers a Master's degree programme in Engineering. All the programmes are taught in Finnish.


Studies Taught in Finnish

The Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering focuses on industrial means of production, machines and processes. It provides the basis for planning, use, quality and material management posts in industry. The programme emphasizes practice and it furnishes students with in depth knowledge of production processes management from the outset to the finished product.

The Bachelor's Degree in Construction and Civil Engineering covers building production, renovation building and long-term facility management planning. Shared professional studies provide a wide-ranging basic knowledge of different areas of construction engineering. Optional studies deepen knowledge of production technology or facility management.

The School of Engineering also offers a Master's Degree  in Technological Competence Management. The studies comprise of 60 credits and lead to a Master's qualification in Engineering. The aim of the Degree in Technology Competence Management is to provide its graduates with the in depth knowledge to manage and lead themselves, change and human resources.

Entry requirements for Master's programme: a university of applied sciences degree in engineering and three years or more of relevant work experience from the date of graduation.