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Aiming at a Degree in Finland? 

Open University of Applied Sciences (Open UAS) studies are open for everyone regardless of your previous studies, work experience and age. However, to succeed in the studies you should have sufficient study and language skills. The open UAS studies are offered mostly online, giving you the opportunity to study part-time and remotely. The studies do not lead to a degree, but give you a head start for a bachelor's degree. 

Studies in an open university of applied sciences give you the opportunity to search for the right study path. The offered courses are based on the Bachelor's degree curricula and can be accredited towards a degree later on.  

The price for open university of applied sciences courses is 15 € per credit. Most courses are worth 3 to 5 ECTS (credits). Please note that 1 credit means approximately 26 hours' work load for the student (3 credits = 78 hrs, 5 credits = 130 hrs). 

Please enroll for the courses by emailing to international.office(at)kamk.fi 

Further information
Ms Kirsi Sievers
Head of International Bachelor's Degrees 
Email. kirsi.sievers(at)kamk.fi 

Courses offered: 

Basics of Esports Landscape 3 credits

The students gain basic knowledge of esports as a business environment. The students learn what is esports and why it is important and what it is more than just playing video games. Students come to know of esports history and more specific definitions of esports. The students will learn about various stakeholders working in the field and their role in the esports industry. 

Course contents: Esports basics, history, definition and landscape

Assignments: Web exam

Principles of Marketing 3 credits

‘Running a business without marketing will kill it!’ – Paul Cookson
This course aims to introduce the basics of marketing, its role in business and introduce some commonly used strategies that lead to superior business performance. 

Course contents

  • What is the marketing environment?
  • What is marketing strategy?
  • How do businesses gather market intelligence, analyse and create their marketing strategies?
  • What are consumer and business buyer behaviours?
  • How do businesses segment, target and position to differentiate from their competitors?
  • What are the commonly used strategic tools in marketing?
Principles of Tourism 3 credits

Students will comprehend the nature of the tourism system. Upon completion of this course students will be able to define and classify basic tourism concepts. The course provides appreciation of the components of tourism demand as well as tourist consumer behaviour. Furthermore students will be able to name various tourism players and their economic, environmental and socio-cultural impact.


  • Introduction of a tourism system
  • Definitions and classifications
  • Consumer behaviour and tourism demand
  • Economic, environmental, socio-cultural impact of tourism
  • Attractions, accommodation, destinations
  • Introduction of sustainable tourism
Principles of Sports 2 credits

The students will be able to plan, implement, and assess teaching and instruction situations. They

  • can explain how the theoretical base of health promotion has developed, being able to define the central concepts of health promotion.
  • will recognize the main content areas of health promotion, being being able to analyze the main factors that pose a threat to the health and well-being of different age groups.
  • can describe the principle foundations of healthy exercise, recognizing the significance of a way of life involving plenty of exercise to health and well-being.

Course Contents: Learning and instructions, theory of health and well-being 

Assignments: Short written assignment, lesson plan, mind map