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Aiming at a Degree in Finland? 

Open University of Applied Sciences (Open UAS) studies are open for everyone regardless of your previous studies, work experience and age. However, to succeed in the studies you should have sufficient study and language skills. The open UAS studies are independent courses, offered online, giving you the opportunity to study part-time and remotely. The studies do not lead to a degree, but give you a head start for a bachelor's degree. 

Studies in an open university of applied sciences give you the opportunity to search for the right study path. The offered courses are based on the Bachelor's degree curricula and can be accredited towards a degree later on.  

The price for open university of applied sciences courses is 15 € per credit. Most courses are worth 3 to 5 ECTS (credits). Please note that 1 credit means approximately 26 hours' work load for the student (3 credits = 78 hrs, 5 credits = 130 hrs). 

Please enroll for the courses by emailing to international.office(at)kamk.fi 

Further information
Ms Sanna Laukkanen
Study Affairs Coordinator
Email. international.office(at)kamk.fi 

Courses offered: 

New Trends in Leadership and Management 5 ECTS

Knowledge capital providing a competitive edge will be emphasised during this course, while providing students with a grounding in quality leadership, activity-based management in business leadership and the significance of leadership and management in the implementation of an organisation's basic tasks.

Course contents: Knowledge capital, quality leadership, activity-based management and accounting, leading and leadership

Assignments: Long essay.

Business Transfer and Succession 3 ECTS

This course aims to provide students with a fundamental understanding of the preparatory requirements, practical implications and continuity of business through a successful transfer and/or succession. This course will focus on business transfer in the context of SMEs and family businesses. On completion, this course will provide a holistic understanding of the business transfer process, the stakeholders and activities to ensure a successful ownership change. The course is structured sequentially to answer the question of how can we ensure the survival of existing enterprises through a successful business transfer?

Course contents

  • Societal and economic importance of business transfer, the business transfer process
  • Stakeholders and advisory services
  • Sensitiation and awareness raising
  • Family business succession
  • Valuation and maintenance of value
  • Matchmaking
  • Financing/ financial instruments to support business transfers
  • Different target groups of potential buyers
  • Post transfer growth and innovation, knowledge transfer
Organizational Psychology 3 ECTS
This course provides in depth knowledge of organisational behaviour.

Risk Management 3 ECTS

Students will be conversant with the concept of risk management and the risk management process. They will be able to identify, assess and manage business risks. Students will complete a risk management plan of a real or fictitious company according to the instructions given on the course pages.

Course Contents: Risk management, the risk management process. Identification, assessment and management of business risks.

HRM Practices for SME's 5 ECTS