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Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management

Become a sports specialist who understands that sports and exercise contribute significantly to the well-being of individuals and society! During the studies, you will learn to create commercial sports and leisure services, implement products and events, instruct sports sessions and provide exercise and nutrition counselling. Interactive learning, team-based course work and small group sessions form an important element of the learning process of the Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management. 

Entrepreneurial competence is the central theme of this study program, along with experiential activities and smart solutions. The studies include two separate practical training periods, which can be undertaken abroad, supporting your transition into working life and developing your professional skillset in an international environment. We can also offer you opportunities to customize your studies in order to facilitate a balance between your study and work experience obligations. This means you will genuinely have the ability to influence how, when and where you complete your studies, potentially allowing you to graduate more quickly.

For those interested in setting up their own business one day, we can offer the opportunity to participate in a start-up programme that’s designed to develop entrepreneurial skills.

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Smart Gym Concept

The SmartGym Concept is a unique model based on new knowledge and competence. SGC introduces students to ‘exergaming’ (exercise + gaming) as a national and international phenomenon and its potential benefits in future job markets. The concept enables students to work intensively in work-based projects and to network with the best people in the industry. 

It produces cross-disciplinary expertise in exercise and health promotion using game technology combined with a business and technology-oriented perspective. In addition to the SmartGym (a gym equipped with digital exercise solutions), the concept’s activities include work in partners’ development projects. This genuinely international provides you with the opportunity to work with partner universities around the world.

Sports Facilities

Our campus offers excellent sports and exercise facilities! The Vimpelinlaakso Sports Park, tennis hall, athletics/ski stadium, ice-rink, ball-games facility and forest running tracks are all located next to the campus. Kajaani’s other municipal services are also situated close by, as the town center is only 2 km away.

Study places
210 ECTS
3,5 years
Degree Title
Bachelor of Sports Studies
Further information
Admissions Office, admissions(at)
Students are often also offered opportunities to participate in the planning and arrangement of different events locally. Participating in real-life events and projects provides students with the opportunity to practice the skills they've learned in theory, and to prepare for real working life.

Application for the English-taught degree programmes in Finnish higher education institutions are submitted online through the joint application system at Studyinfo during the application period. Application period for studies starting in autumn 2020 are as follows: 
1) Apply based on entrance exam results: 8 - 22 January 2020.
2) Apply based on SAT test result: 31 March - 15 April 2020



Entrance Exams
For the application period 1 (8 - 22 January 2020), the eligible applicants will be invited to take the entrance exam. The exams will be arranged in Kajaani and in specified countries abroad.

For the application period 2 (31 March - 15 April 2020) there are no entrance exams, but the selections are based on the SAT test result. In this application round, the applicants for Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management using the SAT test for admission, an additional Sports video (performing certain tasks based on instructions and filming a video) will be required. Further information will be sent to the applicants directly.

Expand and deepen your professional sports competence with further specialization studies (30 credits), where you can study commercializing sports services, exergaming (=exercise and gaming combined), adventure tourism or sports coaching, among other specialized subjects.

You can also accomplish this 30-credit package abroad in one of our many partner universities as an exchange student and benefit from their expertise, for example in sports coaching, health promotion or business. 

Read more about the content of the studies: Study Guide

Graduates of this programme will have attained skills that make them suitable to be employed in a variety of sports and leisure organisations, associations, clubs and businesses, and they will also possess the know-how to run their own sports and leisure enterprises. 

Your future job title might be Sports Instructor, Coach or Personal Trainer, for example, but you will be also able to work in different kinds of development, planning or training roles within the field of sports or activity tourism, or work in managing and organising sports events and activities.

KAMK arranges Sports and Leisure Management entrance examination in Finland (Kajaani) as well as abroad in cooperation with FINNIPS network. 

In Kajaani the entrance examination may include a motivational essay, an evaluation of the applicant's motor skills through a series of sport tests, an evaluation of his/her instruction skills during a coaching session (short task is given during the entrance exam) and an interview.  

FINNIPS exam for Sports and Leisure Management: The entrance examination may include a written part, group discussion and a series of sports tasks. The written part and a group discussion will be performed during FINNIPS entrance exam day. The sports tasks will be requested to be submitted separately via video according to the detailed instructions that will be sent to the applicants right after FINNIPS entrance examination. See the entrance exam countries    

Further details of the entrance exam and necessary clothing will be mentioned in the invitation letter. 

Note: for Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management entrance examination results from other UAS will not be accepted. 

The tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens at KAMK is 6000 euros per academic year (both Bachelor's degrees and Master's degrees). There is no tuition fee for EU/EEA citizens or exchange students. The payment for the first year is done at the same time when accepted student confirms his/her study place at KAMK. 

NEW in 2020!! An Early Bird -scholarship is introduced for the applications in spring 2020. Students may take advantage of the early bird scholarship by accepting their study place offer within two weeks after receiving the letter of acceptance. The early bird scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fee and is directly used to reduce the tuition fee. 

For the following study years, the tuition fee must be paid in May yearly. The students will be able to apply for a scholarship that covers 50% of the tuition fee from their second year onward, provided that they accomplish a minimum of 55 credits per academic year on Bachelor level or 45 credits on Master level. The scholarships are allocated by application only.

The scholarship is directly used to reduce the tuition fee. The scholarship applies only to the tuition-fee paying students. Read more about tuition fees

In addition to the tuition fee, the students must pay for their study materials and for their own living costs. The average monthly living expenses for a student living in Finland are approximately 700 – 900 euros. This may vary depending on personal circumstances. When applying for a residence permit in Finland, non-EU/EEA nationals need to demonstrate that they have at least 560 euros per month at their disposal – in addition to the tuition fee.

Do you have questions about the application process to Kajaani University of Applies Sciences? We are here to help you! Leave you contact information on the form below, and our admissions team at will be in touch with you.