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Bachelor's Degree in International Business

In the basic studies stage, students will be instructed in the fundamentals of business operations in order to establish a groundwork for subsequent stages. The professional studies stage includes a range of special study modules covering different areas of international business activities. These studies emphasise the framework and strategies of international business, international management and communication skills, with focus on international marketing in a modern, digitalised environment.

A fundamental part of the degree programme is a 5-month practical training period, which gives you the opportunity to apply in practice the theory you have acquired in your studies. The practical training can be undertaken in Finland or abroad, giving you the option to combine this period of knowledge development with a new international adventure. Towards the end of your studies, you will also complete a thesis in the form of project work, research work or applied research. The purpose of the thesis is to demonstrate your ability to apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired during your studies, focusing on a topic that you have a personal interest in. With personal study planning and dedication, it is also possible to complete the degree in a shorter time than the official 3,5 years.

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Study places
210 ECTS
3,5 years
Degree Title
Bachelor of Business Administration
Further information
Admissions Office, admissions(at)
The students will participate in real-life business projects and also in arranging different kinds of events within different courses.
Application for the English-taught degree programmes in Finnish higher education institutions are submitted online through the joint application system at during the application period. Application period for studies starting in autumn 2020 takes place on 8 - 22 January 2020.
Entrance Exams
Eligible applicants will be invited to take the entrance exam. The entrance exam will be arranged both in Kajaanin and in specified countries abroad. It is also possible to apply based on a SAT test result.

During the studies, you will specialize in international marketing in a modern, digitalised environment. You will benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to marketing communications, supplemented with specific current phenomenon such as digital marketing automation, storytelling, content marketing, online customer dialogue, and mobile marketing. 

As a student at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences you will be able to complete a part of your studies and/or practical training abroad using our wide network of partners. Participating in student exchange and completing part of the studies in one of our partner universities makes it possible to broaden the specialization of your studies. It is also possible to choose a double degree with our partner universities.

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Graduates of the International Business degree will be able to apply for a variety of employment positions, from entrepreneurship to working in management roles, project planning and development roles, and sales and marketing positions, all within both the private and public sectors. It is also possible to continue studies towards a Master's degree in a university.

International Business entrance exam may consist of written part (essay, multiple-choice questions, a section measuring mathematical/logical thinking) and an interview. The essay and the interview are combined in the entrance examination as an integrated section measuring English language proficiency. 

The examination assesses study and teamwork skills, verbal and written expression skills as well as mathematical/logical reasoning skills.

The ability to communicate fluently in English, both speaking and writing, is prerequisite for admission. Therefore, applicants must pass all parts of the exam in order to be selected for admission. Applicants scoring below the minimum points of any of the sections will fail the exam. The section testing English language proficiency will be entered in the system with a pass/fail grade.

The pre-reading material will be published on the web pages before the exam.

The tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens at KAMK is 6000 euros per academic year (both Bachelor's degrees and Master's degrees). There is no tuition fee for EU/EEA citizens or exchange students. The payment for the first year is done at the same time when accepted student confirms his/her study place at KAMK. 

In addition to the tuition fee, the students must pay for their study materials and for their own living costs. The average monthly living expenses for a student living in Finland are approximately 700 – 900 euros. This may vary depending on personal circumstances. When applying for a residence permit in Finland, non-EU/EEA nationals need to demonstrate that they have at least 560 euros per month at their disposal – in addition to the tuition fee.

For the following study years, the tuition fee must be paid in May yearly. The students will be able to apply for a scholarship of 3000 euros / academic year from their second year onwards, provided that they accomplish a minimum of 55 credits per academic year on Bachelor level or 45 credits on Master level. The scholarships are allocated by application only.

The scholarship is directly used to reduce the tuition fee. The scholarship applies only to the tuition-fee paying students. Read more about tuition fees