Residence Permit (non-EU-citizens)

After you have been accepted to study in Finland, start the application process for the residence permit immediately. Read the MIGRI Bulletin

The application must be done abroad, before arriving to Finland. Start by  checking the requirements from After filling in the online application, apply for an appointment in a Finnish mission (embassy or consulate) for identification and fingerprinting. The processing of the application will start after you've visited the Embassy/mission. 

The permit can be granted for two years if you have sufficient funds for that. It is required that you have 560 euros/months at your disposal for the permit to be granted. 

Prepare for the application the following:

  • Acceptance letter from a Finnish university
  • Health insurance covering medical expenses up to at least 40 000 euros. After arriving to Finland, apply for a home municipality to be eligible for public health care.
  • Sufficient funds: 13 440 euros for two years as a bank deposit / scholarship / grant. For one year's residence permit, you'll need 6 720 euros. 
    • Proven by a bank statement with you as an account owner. It is recommended that you arrange for adequate funding for the entire period of studies before leaving your home country.
  • Documentation of the paid tuition fee
  • It is recommended to apply for the Finnish social security number already with the residence permit application (included in the application)


Students must wait for the residence permit in their home country. Please note that it takes several weeks (2 - 3 months) to receive the permit and that it is not possible to hurry the process. 

Please notice, coronavirus (COVID-19) might cause delays for residence permits, please find updated information from Finnish Immigration Service from here


Information for EU citizens