Student accommodation in Kajaani

A company called Kajaanin Pietari provides accommodation for both degree students and exchange students. They offer shared accommodation and also family apartments. Some of the accommodation is located on campus and other housing is located 1 – 3 km from KAMK

KAMK International Office books accommodation automatically for all incoming exchange students after accepting their application. The students coming to study for a full degree, should apply for accommodation themselves. 

Most of the foreign students choose cell residences, where they share the apartment with 3–5 other students and have a room on their own. Some of the accommodation is located on campus and other housing is located 1–3 km from the campus.

The student accommodation on campus (address: Ketunpolku 5) is furnished with basic furniture such as bed, table, chair and the price is about 325 euros per month (includes water and electricity). It is shared accommodation in an apartment with 5 students each of them having their own room with fridge, the kitchen and bathrooms are shared. The accommodation also offers shared laundry and sauna facilities (with separate fee). 

There are also furnished student apartments in Kaikukatu and in Lohtajankatu. These types of apartments include water and electricity in the rent.

Please note that if you choose to rent an apartment without furniture, the apartment will be empty at the beginning and you need to arrange the furniture yourself. Also, it may be that there will be no electricity unless separately agreed at the beginning of the stay.

Note also that there are no bed sheets, towels or kitchenware available but these have to be arranged by the students themselves. In some of the apartments in Kaikukatu and Lohtajankatu there is also no mattress available so check the furniture from the housing company before your arrival. A blanket and pillow set can be bought from the Student Union KAMO on arrival. Please note that the set must be ordered in advance! The price of the blanket and pillow set is 25 euros.

Please note that the rental lease contracts start from the date you've given in your application for accommodation. Always confirm your arrival time well in advance also to the Accommodation Office of Kajaanin Pietari. In case your arrival is delayed but the room is reserved for you for the whole time, you'll have to pay the rent starting from the date the agreement has begun.

Students must pay a rent deposit before signing the rental lease agreement. The deposit is a guarantee that the tenants will take care of their duties and take good care of the apartment. The deposit for a cell residence is currently approximately 340 euros. The deposit has to be paid in advance according to the instructions sent by the Accommodation Office. After sending your application online, you will receive an offer of a vacant room and instructions to pay the deposit. If the deposit has not been paid by the due date, the reservation of the room will be cancelled. The deposit will be refunded when the rental lease agreement has expired, if the rents have been paid and the apartment is in normal condition.

Please note that you should not make any travelling arrangements before you have received confirmation of your accommodation. Please apply for accommodation early enough, two months before the arrival date at the latest, to ensure finding a room. 


Rental Lease Agreements

The Act on Residental Leases governs apartment renting in Finland. It binds both the landlord and the tenant. The lease agreements, deposits and regulations are based on the Act on Residental Leases.

The rental lease agreements start either at the beginning of each month or in the middle of the month and the rent is calculated accordingly. The rent agreements are usually ongoing. Students must give notice one month before leaving.

A deposit must be paid before arrival. You will receive an accommodation offer directly from the company providing the accommodation. Unless the deposit is paid according to the instructions, we cannot guarantee the availability of accommodation.

When you return home, the deposit is returned to your bank account, provided that you have fulfilled the conditions of the rent agreement. The accommodation office needs the completed deposit return form from you to be able to pay back your deposit. 

Terminating the Contract

Remember that you have to make the termination notice in writing at least one calendar month before you are moving out. When you make the notice by 30.4. your lease agreement will end on 31.5. If you move out at the beginning of June, make the notice by 30.4. to avoid payment for the whole month of June. There will be no exceptions! Read more from the housing company's website.


Multicultural Student Accommodation

Living in multicultural student accommodation means that people from different countries and with different cultural background share the same apartment within the student accommodation. Customs and manners of student accommodation vary in different countries. The foreign students coming to Finland have different experiences with student accommodation; some have already lived with other students, for others it is the first time living without their families. The customs and practices related to interaction and living together are not the same in different cultures and communities. The varying personal and communal habits of people from different cultural backgrounds result in an interesting mixture.

You will receive the rules and regulations of the student accommodation on arrival. Please familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations and follow them. While living in shared accommodation you must take others into consideration and understand different habits and culture. By listening to other people’s opinions and with common sense you can positively affect yours and the community’s living situation. In shared accommodation, following the common rules is particularly importants. You and your roommates are jointly responsible for keeping the apartment clean and in good condition so that you can all enjoy the well-maintainted and renovated premises.

In Finland, the tenants are responsible for cleaning the apartment together. Everyone is responsible for their own room, but the common areas have to be kept clean together. After cooking, the stove, oven and countertops must be cleaned and dishes washed. The garbage must be taken outside (the appointed area, don't forget recycling!) regularly.

In the student accommodation, there are certain rules and guides to which people often appeal. The rules are the same for both Finnish and foreign students and not knowing them is not a reason to be exempt. In Finland, it is very important to follow agreed rules and times. This is a cultural characteristic! Living in a shared accommodation is about how to live together. The key to success lies in the respect and appreciation of the fellow tenant.


Other Types of Accommodation

Students coming to study for a full degree, can also choose from other types of accommodation. The student accommodation provided by Kajaanin Pietari is introduced on their web pages. Please note that other types of accommodation is normally not furnished and students should be prepared to arrange the furniture (ie. bed with mattress, table, chairs) themselves. 

Students should apply for accommodation by making an online application at Students are expected to apply for accommodation themselves.

Finding an apartment from the private market is also possible but not easy. These apartments are also normally not furnished. Please note that a normal price for a one-room apartment in the private market is from 300 - 500 euros per month. It may be easier to find a bigger apartment to share with friends. The tenants are expected to have a home insurance for apartments from the private markets.