Student accommodation in Kajaani

A company called Kajaanin Pietari provides accommodation for students. Students should apply for accommodation themselves, the application can be sent online.

Most of the foreign students choose cell residences, where they share the apartment with 3–5 other students and have a room on their own. Some of the accommodation is located on campus and other housing is located 1–3 km from the campus.

The student accommodation on campus (address: Ketunpolku 5) is furnished with basic furniture such as bed, table, chair and the price is about 325 euros per month. It is shared accommodation in an apartment with 5 students each of them having their own room with fridge. There are also furnished student apartments in Kaikukatu and in Lohtajankatu. These types of apartments include water and electricity in the rent.

Please note that if you choose to rent an apartment without furniture, the apartment will be empty at the beginning and you need to arrange the furniture yourself. Also, it may be that there will be no electricity unless separately agreed at the beginning of the stay.

Please note that there are no bed sheets, towels or kitchenware available but these have to be arranged by the students themselves. In Kaikukatu and Lohtajankatu there is also no mattress available. 

Please note that the rental lease contracts start from the date you've given in your application for accommodation. Always confirm your arrival time well in advance also to the Accommodation Office of Kajaanin Pietari. In case your arrival is delayed but the room is reserved for you for the whole time, you'll have to pay the rent starting from the date the agreement has begun.

Students must pay a rent deposit before signing the rental lease agreement. The deposit is a guarantee that the tenants will take care of their duties and take good care of the apartment. The deposit for a cell residence is currently approximately 330 euros. The deposit has to be paid in advance according to the instructions sent by the Accommodation Office. After sending your application online, you will receive an offer of a vacant room and instructions to pay the deposit. If the deposit has not been paid by the due date, the reservation of the room will be cancelled. The deposit will be refunded when the rental lease agreement has expired, if the rents have been paid and the apartment is in normal condition.

Please note that you should not make any travelling arrangements before you have received confirmation of your accommodation. Please apply for accommodation early enough, two months before the arrival date at the latest, to ensure finding a room.