Separate Application 2019

KAMK's own application

** We reserve the right for changes**

Application period 16 - 30 April 2019
Apply at
Programmes available Bachelor's Degree in International Business
Bachelor's Degree in Adventure Tourism
Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management
Attachments Downloaded to the online application by 30 April
Results published 10 June at latest


Who can apply?

You can apply to a Bachelor’s degree programme if you have completed a foreign qualification that provides eligibility for higher education studies in the country in question (generally an upper secondary education) with an above average GPA. A language test result is also required.

If you are graduating this summer, you can apply with a latest transcript of Records and a statement from your current school to confirm that you are on the last year. Selected students must submit the final qualification documents by 30 June. The selection is conditional until the final documents have been checked.

The selection is conditional until the original documents have been checked.

To which programmes I can apply for?

The following degrees are included in this application round:

How to apply?

1) Fill in the online application at Search for "Separate application, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences". Attach the following to your online application within the application period:
  • The copies of your qualification (previous education) and the official translations, if the original document is not awarded in English/Finnish/Swedish. The GPA should be average or above average (min. 60%).
  • A language test result. The following tests are accepted:
    • IELTS min. 5.5 academic,
    • TOEFL min. 79 iBT, 520 pBT, 192 cBT
    • PTE academic min. 43,
    • Cambridge Englishadvanced (CAE) C

    In addition, an upper secondary level certificate or a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree completed in English in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand as well as a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree completed in English in an EU/EEA country will also be accepted as evidence of English language proficiency.

A copy of your passport or official ID is also required. The applicants' eligibility will be checked based on the documents submitted within the given deadlines. The eligible applicants will receive detailed instructions about the next steps by email after the application has been reviewed. You will be given four (4) days to prepare the written part according to the given instructions.

2) Written part: For the selection process, the applicants must submit the following:
  • Motivation letter, 1 - 2 pages (separate instructions provided)
  • Introductory video, 3 -5 minutes (Can be done with a mobile device. Make sure the sound is clear enough! Download to a Youtube channel etc and send us a link)
  • For applicants in Sports: an additional video including sports test is required.

3) Skype Interview: Applicants that pass the written part will be invited to take a Skype interview. The interview will be arranged with eligible applicants in May.
  • The interview is a compulsory part of the selection process for all applicants passing the written part.
  • The interviews will be scheduled by KAMK. It will not be possible to change the given time.
  • Please note that if you forget your appointment or there are connection problems, the interview will be considered as failed.

Applicants must pass all parts of the selection process in order to be able to be selected for admission.

Selection process

After receiving the application and the above-mentioned attachments, the application is processed at KAMK. The results will be published by 10 June 2019 at the latest. The applicants will be notified of the results through e-mail.

Admitted students must confirm accepting the offered study place within 10 days after the student selection results were published.

One place per student provision

According to this provision, a student may accept only one study place leading to a higher education degree during one academic term. This rule applies to all higher education included in national joint applications and direct applications to universities and universities of applied sciences.

Please notice that once you confirm the study place, you cannot accept any other study places leading to a higher education degree in Finland if the studies begin in the same semester.If you accept a study place offered to you in this separate application, you cannot then anymore accept a study place from the joint application if the programme begins in the same semester.

Tuition fee and scholarships

The tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens at KAMK is 6000 euros per academic year (both Bachelor's degrees and Master's degrees). There is no tuition fee for EU/EEA citizens or exchange students. The payment is done at the same time when accepted student confirms his/her study place at KAMK.

In addition to the tuition fee, the students must pay for their study materials and for their own living costs. The average monthly living expenses for a student living in Finland are approximately 700 – 900 euros. This may vary depending on personal circumstances. When applying for a residence permit in Finland, non-EU/EEA nationals need to demonstrate that they have at least 560 euros per month at their disposal – in addition to the tuition fee.

There are no scholarships available for the first year. The students will be able to apply for a scholarship of 3000 euros / academic year for their second year and onward, provided that they accomplish a minimum of 55 credits per academic year on Bachelor level or 45 credits on Master level. The scholarship is directly used to reduce the tuition fee. The scholarship applies only to the tuition-fee paying students.

Contact information

KAMK Admissions Office
Tel. +358 44 7101 229
Enquiries: Admissions(at)
Documents to be sent to:

Please note

The tuition fee for the first academic year is 6000 euros. In addition, the students must have a minimum of 6720 euros on their account when applying for the residence permit. There are no scholarships available for the first year. 

KAMK uses discretionary admission, so that other applicants, who do not fulfill the eligibility criteria fully, may also be invited to the entrance examination, if KAMK considers their skills and knowledge sufficient.